Introduction: Air-Lift Irrigation Using Solar Panel

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The principle of the air-lift irrigation

The solar panel supply the power to the air pump. Then, the pump injects compressed air at the intersection. The compressed air mixes with the water causing the air-water mixture to be less dense than the rest of the water around it and therefore is displaced upwards through the discharge pipe by the surrounding liquid of higher density.

This is an instructable of using a solar panel to air-lift water for the vertical garden.

The reason I did this was to lessen the electrical bill.


Step 1: Items

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Most of the items you can buy from an aquarium shop.

  1. 2.40v solar panel (you can get it at
  2. 2 meter electric cable
  3. Battery powered air pump
  4. Aquarium air tube
  5. Air valve
  6. 3-way air connector


  1. Scissor

Step 2: The Connections

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  1. Firstly, I connect the air tube with the 3-way connector.
  2. One the air tube, I connect it with the air valve (make sure to connect correctly)
  3. The same tube, I connect it with the air pump.
  4. The next tube, I connect it with the water reservoir.

Step 3: The Air-Lift

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  1. When the sunlight is sufficient, I switch on the air pump.
  2. The water from the reservoir flow to the 3-way connector. Because there is a air valve installed, the water is prohibit to flow into the air pump.
  3. The generated air then push the water up (air-lift) to the top planter.

Step 4: The Working

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  1. The water flow nicely at the top planter.
  2. Soon, the water will flow back into the reservoir.
  3. The cycle continue.

Step 5: The Setup

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This is how I arrange air-lift irrigation for the vertical garden using solar panel.


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colinmcc (author)2016-05-22

There is no server at can you correct your link please. Thanks.

IbniH (author)colinmcc2016-05-22

Thanks for letting me know. I've check the link. Its seem you're right. Their server IS down. I'll deleting the link.

Here, I add another link...

colinmcc (author)2016-05-22

But, thanks for the wikipedia link, I never knew about 'air lift pumps' before, now I'm a bit wiser!

IbniH (author)colinmcc2016-05-22

Thanks for commenting.

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