This project is a sensor station that can detect parts per million levels of carbon monoxide, ammonia, and nitrogen dioxide in the air through the Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor (http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_Multichann... It also uses the Grove Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor, and Loudness Sensor to monitor your environment. A Grove LCD RGB Backlight display displays the data and a push button allows the user to display the output of each sensor.

This project was initially designed for and funded by the Columbia Engineering Rio Design Challenge with the goal of providing personal monitoring of air and noise pollution by either setting up the sensor in the house or placing the sensor in a case to be used as a backpack clip to monitor pollution wherever the user goes.

Step 1: Assemble Your Parts!

You'll need:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Arduino Grove Base Shield
  3. Grove LCD RGB Backlight
  4. Grove Light Sensor
  5. Grove Temperature Sensor
  6. Grove Loudness Sensor
  7. Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor
  8. Grove Button
  9. Connectors for all the Grove sensors and outputs (6)
  10. Arduino USB cable
  11. USB power pack/Battery pack for arduino
<p>I am using Grow - Multichannel Gas Sensor . I tested it with lpg gas ,smoke and smoke lighter but it nothing show any concentration of gases .please guide about that sensor how to test it .I have already library of Multi channel Gas Sensor . I connected to vcc and gnd pin of multiple Channel gas sensor to arduino vcc and gnd pins and Scl pins connect Scl pin of arduino and sdl pin connect to sdl of arduino through jamper wires i am not using base shield . sir please share me some information about that sensor.</p>
<p>The library was recently updated because people were having problems with it. In my case, I noticed that the sensor was shutting itself off every few cycles, so I included a part in the code to force the sensor to be on for every cycle</p>
Dear sir ,<br> can you please share the code with me beacuse i try many times but Multichanel gas sensor did not detect any gas concertation <br>can you mail me code at (gulgul773@rocketmail.com) and also guide me about this sensor how to test this sensor<br>i am looking forward for you relpy<br>
Please guide about code and share the code with me and from where I download the updated liabrary
<p>Hi all,</p><p>I tried your tutorial but when I upload code on my arduino uno, there is a strange message ( image cf attached )</p><p>Thanks you for your help :)</p><p>BR</p>
<p>Im torn between the two- Should I used Pi or Arduino for outdoor pollution monitoring?<br>I have roughly a budget of $120 USD per node. Can I use both of them together?<br><br>- If pi. What do you do about battery conservation?<br>Pushing data to a webpage recomendations? <br>Uploading data? <br><br>What sensors should I use? Ive seen someone trying to sell a single CO2 sensor for $50 USD?!?<br>CO2, NO, CO, NO2 sensor suggestions?<br>Ive been looking at grove<br>Some will be battery powered. others by the mains. im going to try 3D print a case for weatherproofing.</p>
<p>I think that the arduino is good enough for this application. It also sounds like you're interested in recording measurements from these sensors over time. It might be worth getting a bluetooth or wifi module to connect the arduino and be able to take in the data. Again, raspberry pi has less support for projects like this and tend to be more energy intensive, so the arduino will be enough.</p><p>It may be worth looking up reviews for various sensors. I was able to get this particular sensor due to a small grant, but I noticed that it is not always dependable.</p><p>Hope the 3D printing goes well! That step is always my favorite part of a project!</p>
<p>I need to make one of these to see just how bad the in my house is.</p>
<p>Grove actually has several gas sensors you can choose from. The multichannel gas sensor is on the pricier side, but depending on your needs, you can select a gas sensor that might be cheaper and still give you the info that you need</p>

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