Step 2: Construction

Picture of Construction
The construction of the launch apparatus (see below for a diagram) is as follows.
Attach 22-inch-long pipe to the 1½-inch male pipe thread adapter using PVC cement.
Attach 1½-inch female adapter to 1½-inch to 3/4-inch reducing bushing using PVC cement and allow to cure.
Screw male pipe thread adapter assembly to female pipe thread adapter assembly carefully.
Drill hole in one 3-inch end cap the diameter of the tire valve. Insert the tire valve into the cap.
Attach both 3-inch end caps to 3-inch diameter pipe with PVC cement.
Use solvent weld to attach the 3-inch pipes to the tee connector.
Take the second reducing bushing and attach the 1½-inch opening to the tee connector with PVC cement.
Wrap the heads of the 3/4-inc pipe nipples using Teflon pipe tape.
Insert the nipples into the ball valve (or as it has been suggested the pneumatically modded sprinkler valve).
Screw the ball valve-pipe nipple into the 22-inch barrel.
Screw the new barrel assembly into the pressure chamber.
Allow to cure overnight.
Wrap the pressure reservoir with three layers of duct tape. (optional)
blazer1017 years ago
where is the cap you put the tire valve on?
also, wont you need a PSI measurer
All on the bike pump, air compressor etc
MrCrowley7 years ago
Woah, is that cell core pipe you are using for the CHAMBER?! If so, cut this gun up immediately, only a matter of time before it will fail. You also used a DWV (non-pressure rated PVC) fitting on the chamber, the tee. This is also not pressure rated and could also fail at any pressure. Also, wrapping the chamber with duct tape will do absolutely NOTHING AT ALL.
good point dude.
mr. crowley is right it is cell core!
tmarkson8 years ago
Step 3 calls for the "1½-inch female adapter to 1½-inch to 3/4-inch reducing bushing "; these are not screw threads, and the user will use cement to bind these two bushings.
he said that.
on step number 3 it says to screw male pipe thread to female pipe thread and then says "allow to cure." What does "allow to cure" mean if your screwing them together
let the cement cure i think. :S
blazer1017 years ago
hey , how much does this cost