Air Powered Steam Engine


Introduction: Air Powered Steam Engine

About: I am a high school student with an interest in electronics.
` This is just a bunch of photos of a steam engine that I made in my spare time last winter.  It runs on an air compressor.  There is a place to hook up a belt drive if I want to hook anything up to it.  COUGH COUGH. Please vote in the 4'th Epilog Challenge as that laser will result in many more awesome projects.  COUGH COUGH.  Keep in mind that ALL parts are handmade by me in my basement.  When I was twelve.



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    1 year ago

    great. Please upload plans

    (if they exist)

    wow, what an amazing machine. Is there any chance you could makeup some plans with measurements for this? I am a machining student and would love to have the chance to build one of these for myself.

    Steam corrodes the inside and you have to clean it a lot. Hence the compressed air

    Perhaps you should have used different materials?
    It's far too nice not to run on steam in my opinon, everything looks very nicely properly made. A bit of wood-cladding on the cylinder would be my only suggestion.


    Metal was the only available material to me that I could get for free as my dad is a machinist. Plus boilers have to heat up. Laziness prevails. As to the wood idea I'm not good with it. Thanks for the input.