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This instructable is about using nature to purify your air. It is based on the ANDREA air purifier. This product is quite controversial, as a lot of people think it doesn't work. But the technology of using a plant as an airfilter is really cool. So we decided to make a less fancy one ourselves to test the technology.

Step 1: Collect Parts

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We wanted to recycle leftover materials where possible, so most parts are gathered from our workshop. The only parts we bought are the plant and a sieve. So the shopping list is:

  • An airpurifying plant (in our case the Hedera Helix, but an Aloe Vera plant would also work)
  • Multiplex wood 5mm (at least 310x380 mm)
  • Multiplex wood 12mm (at least 120x160 mm)
  • Perspex 5mm (120x300)
  • A 12 V 0.23 A computer fan (we used one with a 85 mm diameter)
  • An old modem adapter
  • A plate to attach the ventilator
  • A metal grill plate (0.5 mm thick)
  • A metal kitchen sieve
  • A carton soup container (diameter: 90 mm, height: 100 mm)
  • Wood glue
  • Double sided tape
  • 6 small screws.
  • 2 super small screws.

Step 2: Saw the Wood and Perspex

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Start with sawing all the wood pieces and the perspex plate.

We created the hole for the ventilator using a sharp drafting compass and a chisel. But a big hole drill would be way faster ;)

Step 3: Build the Box

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  1. Glue the wooden attachment strips on the sides of the ventilator hole (on the outside)
  2. Glue the wooden attachment blocks 10.5 cm from the top to the side plates. (on the inside)
  3. Tape the side panels to the bottom, using the double sided tape
  4. Tape the perspex plate in between the sides and to the attachment blocks, using the double sided tape
  5. Put the back plate on the back and drill a hole through the back plate and in the each of the attachment blocks and in the bottom.
  6. Screw the back plate using these holes.

Step 4: Build the Ventilator and Put in on the Box

Picture of Build the Ventilator and Put in on the Box
  1. Cut off the plug for the modem adapter
  2. Connect the wires to the ventilator wires in such a way that the ventilaor sucks
  3. Screw the ventilator on the connection plate
  4. Drill the attachment strips
  5. Attach the ventilator to the box

Step 5: Make the Pot and Ad the Plant

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  1. Cut the metal grill plate
  2. Fold the metal grill plate
  3. Open the sieve
  4. Cut and fold the sieve so that it fits in the folded grill plate
  5. Put some wet dirt on the bottom of the pot so that the dirt doesn't fall straight through
  6. Put the plant in the pot

Step 6: Insert a Water Basket, an Air Tunnel and the Pot

Picture of Insert a Water Basket, an Air Tunnel and the Pot
  1. Cut the top of the carton soup basket
  2. Tape this cut off part over the ventilator
  3. Insert the bottom part of this soup basket as a water container
  4. Insert the pot so that it fits on the attachement blocks and voila it is done!

Step 7: Enjoy a Nice Potter and Ventilator and Hopefully Fresher Air

Hopefully it will work and the air will actually be purfied. Otherwise it is quite a nice potter/ventilator combination. As soon as we can get our hands on a testing device we will see if the product will really make the air better. We'll keep you up-to-date!

Good luck and a lot of fun making it!

Stijn & Niels


Pierre-emmanuD (author)2017-05-09

Can you tell me what type of modem adapter we can use

ioniels5 (author)Pierre-emmanuD2017-05-09

Depends on the ventilator you use, we used an adapter that transforms 240 V into 12V.

Akin Yildiz (author)2015-12-16

plants not only clean the air but also give off positive energy. this device does both. great concept, voted. have you considered adding lights;

ioniels5 (author)Akin Yildiz2015-12-17

Thank you! Yes we considered it, maybe we will add it later. Light would stimulate the plant to filter more, so that would be great. Your projects look cool!

DonCesare (author)2015-12-15

Very interesting post. How do you plan on verifying air quality?

ioniels5 (author)DonCesare2015-12-15

We would like to use a particle measurement instrument which can measure the amount dof toxic particles. Then we will measure the air in different scenario's: with and without a plant and with or without a fan.

Yonatan24 (author)2015-12-15

Great job! I knew it was a Hadera Helix Ivy! I have these

Yonatan24 (author)Yonatan242015-12-15

I've voted for you, That's a really good idea

ioniels5 (author)Yonatan242015-12-15


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-15

I also just like the smell of indoor plants. So this would do a lot to circulate the nice plant smell around the room.

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