Air Quality Check With Arduino Uno with the Help of MQ135 Air Quality Hazardous Gas Sensor Detector Module.

Step 1: Pin Configuration


Green= Data (A0)

Black= Ground

Step 2: Connection of Wire

1=Red (5V)



Step 4: Serial Monitor

Step 5: MQ-135

MQ135 Air Quality Hazardous Gas Sensor Detector Module.

Hello,<br>You have considered the analog reading to be ppm.<br>Its not right.<br>For ppm value of any gas you should get Rs and Ro value of the sensor then the equation of the desired gas in the graph given in datasheet. And use that equation to calculate ppm value . See my instructable to know how to do it.<br>Analog read is not the ppm value.<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Air-Monitor-Shield-Live-in-a-Safe-Environm/

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