Picture of Air-Soft Grenade Thingy
This instructable will tell you how to make an Air-Soft grenade thingy.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
These are the supplies you need to make this grenade.

Party Popper
Plastic BB's
Bic Pen
Flat Head Screw Driver
Highly Maneuverable Gloves

Step 2: Taking Apart The Popper

Picture of Taking Apart The Popper
Insert the flat headed screw driver into the edge of the popper and pop out the cardboard cap and keep it for later.

Step 3: Removing The Confetti

Picture of Removing The Confetti
This is where you might want to where gloves to protect your hands, I didn't because I'm a bad example. Carefully use the pen to remove the confetti and leave the white cardboard alone.

Step 4: Filling The Popper

Picture of Filling The Popper
put cap on.jpg
Now take your BB's and pour about 20 into the empty popper and replace the cap.

Step 5: Making Sure The Cap Is On

Picture of Making Sure The Cap Is On
Take the back of your pen and press evenly around the edges of the cap to secure it into place. Then aim and shoot, and it scatters the BB's every where.

P.S. I am not responsible for any injuries.
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Itchyzombie3 years ago
NU Get Smart!
I'm sorry, but this is nowhere near a grenade. I'm not sure what to call this, other than a tried-and-false idea that's been used countless times.

Aside from lack of originality and improper naming, nice 'ible. If you shoot only one bb out of a bic pen using the pull-string thing as the propellant, it works a bit better.
Almost forgot, for a *more* realistic grenade-type thing, check out the concussion grenade I show you how to make in my instructable:

Let me know what you think!
??????????????????????????????????? this is the billionth time ive seen this idea!i!i!i!i!i!i!I
And yet it still is a piss-poor idea. Honestly, carrying a pocketful of bb's and throwing them is to greater effect.
dude, try removing the explosives from the pull string thing. they are useful for lots of things.
rockadio1014 years ago
i hate fgjnxfgj
singhjr965 years ago
i wonder which instuctables holds the record for most comment cuase this one has alot
there was one with like 1,500
that first pic is from google earth....
nice name
josefu05 years ago
it more like a shotgun fire than a bomb.
chopstx5 years ago
how far do the bbs go?
about 5 feet. my friend made like 70 of these and put em all toghether then shot them at me during a macth from less than 10 ft away and they didnt even touch me the just rolled and fell out.
OMFG!!!5 years ago
I jammed like 4 of the little pull bombs in there and managed to gett all the strings out the back. next i filled the open space with thumb taks (the casing cracked in 5 places, while the taks shot out and dented my wall!) !!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :)
i did this but i used the sharp little bits of a brokeen outer tube of a  mechanical pencil and they hurt
Specific, much?
Jawa8885 years ago
 Are you a jehovas witnes .excuse the spelling
dla8885 years ago
Me seen this before.
jakk215 years ago
they dont hurt that mutch. iv had them blow up 3 times, once in my face.
Mine goes 6 inches

ReCreate5 years ago
Isn't that the google earth logo?
yeah it is lol i was just about to make a comment about it too
lol XD
meanbean5 years ago
I've tried this and im sorry but its awful. theres to much space in the barrel and the bbs go only about 5 feet srry.
darkpiggy125 years ago
how fast will it go
now what you have there is a portable shot gun
good job you learned to shoot airsoft bbs 3ft
no its more than 3 more like 50.
Rednecker525 years ago
the paper/cardboard thing in the bottom is required or it wont work. if you push it down tighter you will have a larger spread of bb's. lol i used stples once its like grenade shrapnel it shredded paper. :)
knoxarama5 years ago
i wanted to make something like this, except it use plastic shrapnel. It used those little red and white fishing lures and when you push down the button, vinger and bakin soda mix, build in pressure, then blow up.
hey can you put an instructable on your grenade
nice, probably works better than the water balloons I've been using!! and to everyone else, that is google earth, and it is probably supposed to look like a grenade.
maby a plasma grenade from halo
those pull fireworks hurt when they explode in ur hand. i held one once and pulled it and hurt for like 2 hours
i got flash burns from a cone shaped cardboard one. horribly designed so half the explosion comes out of the hole where the tring you pull is!
unominame6 years ago
why would you need gloves for its just confetti?
I guess incase it goes off? i dunno
wats with the earth google pic
btw, that's not a peace sign, it's the google earth logo.
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