Air Soft Pellet Carrier





Introduction: Air Soft Pellet Carrier

Rip apart an old, dry pen and it becomes a weapon of choice (or at least it holds them.)


Hand Quantity:2
Pen Quantity:1
Pellets: Quantuty:many

Step 1: Rip the Pen Out of the Tube.

Take your hand (or teeth) and grip the end of the pen. Take your free hand and hold the tube. Rip them apart. Should pop out and look something like this.

Step 2: Fill Tube With Airsoft Pellets

Now all you have to do is fill the pen with airsoft pellets. A regular sized pen should hold 20 pellets. Now take this ammo into battle!

Step 3: *TRY THIS*

Make the holder out of a clear pen, so you can actually see the bullets and how many are left in the container.



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    actually, Baked Beans

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    the only good thing this kind of speed loader is good for is pistol magazines :(

    1 reply

    great instuctible but its kinda lame i mean it only holds 24 bbs at the most when you play with auto's you would have too have like 15 pens to fill up a highcap- mag.

    4 replies

    1 bb if you use a rifle type bb gun it only shoots 1 bb so you dont need a speed loader

    i understand but if ur going to spend 150$ on a sniper rifle why not just use the speed loader that come with it or buy a speed loader.

    So do I, use the bb's though, take it to a football game (a high school one) and pop ppl in the back of the head, its hilarious

    If you also fill the cap, you can fit an additional 4 pellets.