Introduction: Air Soft Sniping

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This simple guide will teach you how to be an awesome airsoft sniper.

Step 1: Guns,guns and Guns!!!

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Obviously you need a gun. Bring a sniper rifle or a gun with far fps will also need a sidearm just in case your rifle runs out of ammo. P.S.BRING EXTRA AMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 2: Gear

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You will need clothing that is long to wear under your jacket and pants. Bring a holster for your sidearm(mine is a Co2 ruger p345) awesome!!! Bring extra bbs a canteen or camelback and mask(not pictured but highly recommended)

Step 3: Nest

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You need a place high up or camouflaged. Yes the objective is to take people out but a very important thing is to STAY HIDDEN!!! Don't shoot rapidly or let off smoke grenades or It will blow your cover don't fart either or it could give off the location of your awesome snipers nest. :)

Step 4: FIRE

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Shoot em up deadeye!!!!!!!


SpazzySpose (author)2013-07-18

The first gun is a BB gun

ilpug (author)2013-04-10

Is this serious?

okoshima (author)ilpug2013-04-14

well... at least he didn't say a ghillie is a necessity

ferusfett011 (author)2013-04-11


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