Picture of Air cadet webbing setup and load out
This is how i have set up my PLCE webbing with fieldcraft in mind. This would also serve as a guide for how to set up webbing for airsoft. 
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Step 1: The PLCE webbing

Picture of The PLCE webbing
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PLCE webbing is a system which uses pouches (ammunition, waterbottle, utility, radio etc.) mounted on a belt and supported by shoulder straps (the yoke).
It is available online, or in surplus stores (mainly in the UK) in many different camouflage patterns. 
For my set, I chose 2 double ammo pouches, and a triple utililty pouch for the main load, as well as a tool pouch on the belt and a Bergan side pouch (as a 10 litre daysack/ camelback pouch) mounted on the yoke. Additionally, I opted for a roll pin belt and hippo pad to help get a good fit and prevent pouch bounce when running. additionally, i purchased 2 utility straps, and a bungee cord to keep everything together as well as zip tying the top of the ammo pouches to the top of the triple utility pouch..

Amazon/Ebay links
- triple utility pouch:

-double ammo pouch:

-roll pin belt;


-tool pouch:

-Bergen Side Pouch:

-hip/ hippo pad:

Step 2: Ammo Pouches

2012-10-06 15.45.01.jpg
2012-10-06 15.33.46.jpg
As an air cadet, we now must wear webbing to complete WHT's and firing drills, and the SA80 L98A2 is a left hand loaded weapon. therefore, the left ammo pouches must remain empty.

The right hand ones, however, may be used for storage.
in mine, i store a first aid kit (see my 'ible) a model kit (see my 'ible), cam cream, paracord a pack of tissues  and a torch.
Air Cadets 4 life!!!
boris4001 year ago
A scrim and a Shemagh are very different.
I know that you intended this post for fieldcraft, but this is a really excellent post and a great contender for the Be Prepared contest! I encourage you to enter it.
Thankyou for the lovely, supportive comment.I have entered it in the contest, but as it is moderated, i am waiting for aproval.