Picture of Air-dry Clay Ornaments
If you discover how easy it is to use air-dry clay you will never have to buy small decor ornaments and accessories ever again!

In this tutorial featured on I am going to show you how easy and simple it is to make your own decor accessories using air-dry clay.
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Step 1: Make the base

Picture of Make the base
Cut off a piece of clay and mold this into a circular shape for the base of your candleholder.  Mine is 5cm in diameter and 5mm thick.  This part will be the thickest part and will provide strength for the layered leaves.

Step 2: Add leaves

Picture of Add leaves
Break off another pieces of clay for the first leaf. This does not need to be as thick as the base, make it about 2mm thick.  Use your fingers and thumb to shape it.  If you need to smooth out any defects, dip your finger into a little water to work the surface of the clay.

Step 3: Add more leaves

Picture of Add more leaves
Repeat the previous step to add more leaves.  Press each leaf firmly to the base so that it all sticks securely together. Again, if you need to smooth out any defects, a wet finger works well.

Step 4: Smoothing

Picture of Smoothing
A small container with water and the rounded end of a paintbrush can be used to press down and smooth out before you put the candleholder in a sunny spot to dry out during the day.

Step 5: Paint and enjoy!

Picture of Paint and enjoy!
Once dry, spray on a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum 2X gloss spray paint in your choice of colour.

Wasn't that easy!
How beautiful & what a fantastic Idea!
I've got a ton of wonderful tea lights from an etsy seller, which I bought in the hopes of selling my own painted-glass tea-light holders and giving two tea lights with each holder, which would've given that seller more business as well. Of course, not a one sold. Typical, the only things that sold for me on etsy were vintage items and I didn't ask for Near Enough Money for those items.
Ah well, water over my
dezine (author) 3 years ago
I use both Das and Jovi air-dry clay. Janice -
Zoo993 years ago
What kind of clay are you using?