Introduction: Air Gun Surpressor

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A working suppressor for my air pistol

Step 1: Gather Materials

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You will need an old flashlight, and some grommets

3/8 socket
Screw driver
Super glue
Drill bit

Step 2: Take Apart Flashlight

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Take apart the flashlight so that it's just a tube, drill holes through the caps so that they fit a bb

Step 3: Grommets and Spacers

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Put grommets in the tube and space them using strips from a pop can

Step 4: Grommets Just Don't Fit

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The grommets just don't fit so you need to trim the edges and push them in, make sure the part that sticks out faces the gun

Step 5: Put It Together

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Put in the grommet so that the point faces the gun and then space them with a strip of aluminum can

Step 6: Finish It

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Super glue the cap to the gun and screw on the suppressor

Step 7: Disclaimer

Do not use if it is illegal where you live, never point any gun at anyone, don't be stupid, etc.

This instructable may be kinda confusing, I apologize. Use your knowledge to figure out a way to make one to fit your own gun, it only works on gas powered guns, not electric (but it'll still look cool)



berkay66 (author)2015-02-10


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