Picture of Air powered bicycle.
A hybrid pushbike / compressed air powered bike.
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Step 1: Find and modify an air tank.

Picture of find and modify an air tank.
this is an old propane tank. this turns out to be a very bad idea. although the propane was emptied out, the really heavy mercapton (stinnky sulfur based molecules) were left in the bottom of the tank. even after 20 odd air refills, it still smells awful to run air from this tank. hence the nickname - "stinkbike"

Step 2: First crazy tandem test

Picture of first crazy tandem test
for want of a better idea, Eric is going to sit on the pannier cage and rub the chuck of the air drill (friction drive) on the wheel, that way i (saul) can pedal and steer without thinking about other thingy..

Step 3: One person operation.

so it actually worked and moved eric and I along at about 4 miles perhour for about 1 minute. that's all we expected from a 100psi tank. what we really need is a 4500 psi carbon fiber scuba tank. in theory that should give 250 watts worth of power for about an hour. that would be way cool. also need more efficient motor directly in drive train to really accomplish this.

Step 4: Test it.

Picture of test it.
the one hand operation is difficult.
particularly when the brake handle is on the same side as the hand required for the throttle operation...
MrRodrigez7 years ago
hes filling the tank with an air compressor mounted on the shop's wall
Ok i only have one qeustion for any one 2 answer email me at what is that little handle thing that he is holding in step 2?