PUMP ME UP AIR Patio Fire Place





Introduction: PUMP ME UP AIR Patio Fire Place

These patio fire places are a great idea to have a nice quick relaxing camp fire outside on your patio or deck. I have found that if there is no breeze outside and the air is still its hard to keep a fire going.
I spent many nights fanning a newspaper trying to keep it going which kinda took the fun relaxing part out of it so this is a idea i came up with .

Step 1: Main Pan

First i took the main pan and drilled a 5/8s hole in the center.

Step 2: Brackets

I cut 2 pieces of angle iron 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 by 2 inches. Drilled a 1/8 inch hole in one side on both pieces and 5/8 hole in the other 2 sides.

Step 3: Air Tube Parts

All parts are 5/8 black iron piping. 1 tee,2 4 inch nipples, 2 end caps, 1 90 degree elbow, a 6 inch nipple and a 8 inch nipple.

Step 4: Drilling Air Flow Holes

I drilled 10 1/8 inch holes evenly down the length of the tube and tee

Step 5: Assembling the Brackets

I cut slots in the 5/8 s holes on the 2 brackets to make it easier to center the tube .and for welding it together .I used two 1/8 inch by half inch screws and bolted the 2 brackets 3 inches from either side of the center hole.

Step 6: Welding in the Air Tube

Put in air tube and welded it in

Step 7: Bottom Air Tube

I screwed in a 6 inch nipple then the 90 degree nipple and a 8 inch nipple

Step 8: Trying It Out

This is what it looked like before using the pump

Step 9:

A 3 dollar air mattress pump from walmart should do the trick..

Step 10: Pump Away

Give it a few pumps

Step 11: Ta Dah!!

Now thats a bonified campfirrrrr right there !!! lol



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    Perhaps you could get an electric pump instead and find some way to silence it, that way you don't have to pump all night-- just turn it on and tada, perfect fire alllllll night long.

    I thought of that to but you only have to pump it up till the air flow gets the fire going good enough...

    ah, that would make sense.. i still have to learn about physics haha. Thanks for such a quick reply.

    in middle school, the shop teacher always was rigging up a vacuum motor to our forge, man did that make blacksmithing easier lol

    You could also rig this to a rocking chair. Rock to vent the fireplace!

    If, by "1 90 degree elbow", you are referencing the elbow pictured at the bottom right of this picture... That is actually a 90 degree "street" elbow. A standard elbow is female on both ends. You might want to update this so people don't buy the wrong part.

    Nice 'able.

    I haven't had the air flow problem, yet, but I could see it might be. Great job; I'll be working on mine soon, it's round so I'll need to do it a little different. A few years ago I put a 4' pipe into a camp fire and put an electric toy inflater on the outside end... ;)