Step 7: Adjustment and Use

Once the mod was finished setting up was a breeze, as I had mounted it perfectly straight first time no sideways adjustment was required. I set the elevation to centre the dot in the scope at 30m…I discovered that as the laser was mounted so far from the scope I could use it for rangefinding, a bonus!
The graph above shows the distances for each dot on the mildot scope.

I have shot targets from the hip with this! The laser point is so easy to see even in bright sunlight.
I have never had to adjust it or replace the battery in 3 years use.
so where did u get that graph. I've been looking for one like it. This was exactly what I was looking for. Job well done!<br>
I set the rifle up in a clamp then fired at a target, noted the laser position and pellet hole, then moving the target 5m further away between shots recorded my two series of data. <br>It is neat isn't it! :) It makes rangefinding a doddle. <br> <br>Regards rog8811
This is very cool, for the daytime. Now let me share a little project I did when I needed to eradicate some raccoons during near total darkness, as it was very similar to what you did here:<br><br>Instead of using a 'daylight' scope, I used a &quot;Thousand Trails TM&quot; night vision hand held 'starlight' scope that had no reticle and retailed for about $125. I then attached (using screws and epoxy) a rail mount to the scope so that I could attach it to the rifle (a CAR15). I then installed a weak red laser (so don't throw away your original) which became the reticle for the night scope (as you could see it quite clearly through the scope) and to help enhance the image in total darkness, I also added a &quot;Surefire&quot; high intensity flashlight with an IR filter made of 2X blue, 2Xgreen and 2X red filters from the old &quot;bent neck&quot; US military flashlights.<br><br>Let's just say that the 'varmints' are now history.<br><br>I hope you can use this little bit of info for your next firearm project.

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