You can now livestream your AirBeam! To begin, visit the Google Play Store and make sure you are running the most up to date version of the AirCasting app. Then launch the AirCasting app, navigate to the settings screen, check “Streaming”, navigate back to the "AirCasting" screen and press “Start Recording”. It’s as simple as that. Every minute your measurements will be sent to our server where they will be displayed in real time at www.aircasting.org. Look for your AirBeam stream on the “Fixed” tab of the “Maps” page. If you have trouble finding it, filter the sessions using your “Profile name”. To get an idea of how it all works, have a look at the AirBeam livestream from HabitatMap’s Brooklyn headquarters.

The AirBeam is not waterproof, so if you want to livestream your measurements from an outdoor location, we recommend building an enclosure to protect it from the elements. We developed a low-cost, easy to assemble outdoor enclosure made from parts available at your local hardware store.

The AirBeam enclosure may not be perfect for your particular location or climate, but it’s a good starting point from which to begin making additional modifications. If you develop another design you would like to share with the AirCasting community, please email us at info(at)habitatmap.org and we’ll post a link to it here.

Being device agnostic, the AirCasting app can livestream measurements from any AirCasting compatible instrument, not just the AirBeam. That includes the sound level measurements from your phone microphone or another instrument of your own design.

Step 1: Parts

Links to parts are provided for convenience only; they are not an endorsement of the vendor. Most of these parts are available from multiple vendors.

AirBeam Enclosure Parts

<p>I tried the metal vent cap and found that it inferred with the AirBeam bluetooth signal. Perhaps my tablet was too far away. I switched to an upside down 5-gallon bucket with the tablet located inside the nearby building. Working fine so far. Perhaps some holes on the side of the bucket would improve air flow to the monitor.</p>
<p>The steel gas cap should block the RF signal shouldn't it? Something made of plastic should work better.</p>

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