AirCooled Volkswagon engine Spin Toys

Picture of AirCooled Volkswagon engine Spin Toys
Optical Illusions for your Timing Pulley.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Print out these files on your inkjet printer.

Step 2:

Cut out the outline.

Step 3:

Make a Plastic part shaped like this.

Step 4:

insert paper cut-out.

Step 5:

push fit the plastic cover over the top.
Sunny1246137 years ago
This is kinda cool! 5 stars!
i am seeing an influx of useless and or incomplete instructables. this notion disturbs me.
Stupid people making stupid instructables syndrome.
Saul Griffith stupid? Hardly. He won the MacArthur award, which is basically the genius award. Not to mention the $500,000 prize to go along with it.
ruufus9 years ago
There are two kinds of aircooled vws: those that have caught on fire, and those that have yet to catch on fire.
Mine caught fire :(
PKM7 years ago
I tihnk you forgot to attach the files.. and the pictures for steps 2 onwards.. and to check before you published... and to read any of these comments. I can't believe this has been here for two and a half years without being flagged. Rectified.
Maxaxle7 years ago
ruzter9 years ago
I think there are missing pics... if you owned an aircooled vw, you'd get it.
I have owned a zillion VWs and still have a 69 Westfalia and still don't get it?
crapflinger8 years ago
guys...when you see uselessness like this...don't forget the [ FLAG ] button on the project....this will bring this project to the attention of the site operators...and possibly...get the thing removed....since it's total crap
skautistic8 years ago
It's great when the creator doesn't care enough to check his own project for questions or comments.
Yeah, My Friend Tried This and we ended up calling the fire brigade LMFAO, Beware of smoke, may turn into nuke!
brob9 years ago
I don't get it!