An easy guide on how to make a Air/bb/arsoft gun silencer

(for show / doesnt actuly silence)

Step 1: Stuff You'l Need

the stuff youl need to make this is:

highlighter / maker pen
can of spray pain (any colour)
any bits that can make it look more detailed.

Step 2: Step 1

basicly cut off the nib and bakc of marker/highlighter pen,
so you have a tube form

Step 3: Step 2

basically in this step you need to wash out the tube from pen.
paint the colour of your choice (I chose silver, only metallic paint I had)

(I also added part of a barrel from a cheap old bb gun to make the end hole smaller and better looking :))


Step 4: Step 3

attach silencer back together when paint it dry, if parts are lose, glue them in place.

after these finishing touches your silencer should be finished.

(My finished painted silencer in picture)

Step 5:

now attach silencer to gun and waaaaaahey! youve done it :)
what a small gun what is it
a colt 25
i know it cause i got Colt .25 caliber bb gun with suppressor.
It is Colt .25 caliber.
 The small one is a Colt. 25. From what I can tell, the black one is a Glock or other square frame handgun.
wrong its a galaxy g1.a painted i have it in red
Which one? The small silver one is a Colt 25, (if it were real steel) no matter what Galaxy branded it as. The other one, I can't tell. It looks somewhere between a Glock and an M9. It very well could be one made by Galaxy.  
the small silver one on the stand is defonitaly a galaxy m1a i have it its got the same triger and everything
i used to have that gun. you painted it.
so weared i just googled how to silence a bb gun an i clicked this one first and thats the bb gun i have
if you even think that is how a silencer works, then you should go see how it really works. You can't just try to suppress the sound by making a tube with a little hole in it. You have to split up the sound by drilling holes in the tube. and the suppress it even more by using wool or any other soft airy material.
read the title
He added that extra text after I posted the comment above.
erm.. its a "mock" silencer
Mafia dudes used potatos for silencers....<br /> so smart<br /> <br /> i suggest u lube the silcencer from my opinion<br />
What is the brand and name of the little silver gun? Is it airsoft?
its a "hfc colt 25" u can get it for about 20 to 30bucks
Eeehhh...Sounds a bit steep for such a tiny thing. Although it's perfect for a custom project I've been dreaming of...Thanks for the info btw.
no prob man glad to help!! and b t dubz it is a well built gun...4 its size i say its well worth the money =) im savin 4 the hfc glock 26 but ill buy the small one 4 backup<br/>
its a cyber gun colt mini.
Thanks buddy! That's exactly what I've been looking for, a backup pistol for my backup pistol. lol
i have the same gun (colt 25) XDXD
what gun is that?
"hfc colt 25"
i have the colt 25 but the ram was broken. i gonna make the silencer
same gun as mine,but mines brown.
Wow, nice suppressor! Even though it doesn't work, it's pretty realistic looking.
dude, I have the same .25, but in black
not really a suppressor, but looks REALLY good on that last gun (not the little .25) i can't tell what that is
Hmm didnt make the silencer but i did get the idea for a bb gun stand off your pic lol thks
you mean paint ; )