Step 1: Snout

cut cnout from old bootle

Step 2: Snout Tube

glue tube, like this

Step 3: Paint Box

make paint box from plate box

Step 4: Body

disassemble old pen, or marker and make 2-3 holes

Step 5: Folding

fold all together

Step 6: Finish

pour paint and enjoy, how this works, see video (sorry my English ;) )
This is ingenious!
what a bout a air pump from a fish tank
<p>my thought exactly. I want to make a drawbot like that</p>
<p>Awesome idea, have you done any complicated or involved projects with it we could maybe see a picture of? I would love to see what it's capabilities really are. But regardless, great work, and thanks for taking the time.</p>
could you use it on skin. for tanning?
What kind of paint do you use with the air-brush? Sorry if that's mentioned somewhere else, I didn't see it.
water paint
can u use others?
People tend to use watered-down acrylic paint (so it's the roughly the consistency of ink). Actually they don't water it down (although you could, and I do in my cheap airbrush) - they use paint thinner. Any paint should do as long as it's thin enough.
Never use paint thinner for acrylic, or other water-based, paints. Use only airbrush medium or water. There are also recipes for water-based thinners on the net if you want to whip up a batch. <br><br>
I've always used water, but I'd heard that there were acrylic thinners you can buy. Never bothered myself because water's worked fine
Hey, since you made this airbrush, and basically inspired me to design my own. Could you take a look at my airbrush and tell me what you think? <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Airbrush-super-precise/
were did u get the tubes
can you get the tubes seperate?
This airbrush is awesome great job on it. I have one question. What paint do you use?
Instead of blowing on the end couldn't you attach a aquarium air pump to it?
that would work. a steady stream of air. and get those sprayers that have the mist, off, and steam settings to control the amount of paint. to make it even better you could add a throttle to the aquarium pump to control how much air is going through
yeah a throttle will only cost abou $0.1
you could just hook an old light dimmer switch up to the aquarium pump to regulate the amount of power it puts out. i would also like to put something in that makes it so that you dont need to turn it off all the time just to stop painting... maybe you could put a valve on the airhose that would let the air flow out when you were not holding the paint trigger...
or you can just use a small plastice valve found at pet shops to regulate the air output. It would cost less and be less bulky, it can be built into the air brush. As for a trigger you can always use a air gun. A air gun could in turn eliminate the need for a valve because itself is one :)
i will definetely try this, but just make it in standard sizes with some threaded parts to improve custimization. i have a small battery powered air pump that i bought at&nbsp;a junk shop for a buck. would work great for this. my mom wont let me buy one, but she will probably not care if i make one
nice one!<br />
You're my hero.<br />
i like the idea but i'm still not very sure i know how to make this<br /> <br />
what are those two tubes? where did they come from?
i used tubes from a filter for a fishh tank
This is like the little ones bought for model painting with the canned air. Testor I think is the name. A bicycle tire made for a great air supply for those and probably would for this too.
Ahh! i made 1 and it was awesome until thr pressure built up and the cap flew off and my face was painted red all day i looked like a homocidal maniac!!! LOL JK it's Awesome!
wow that sounds like a good day
i made one and it works fine with an air compresser
what type of paint? where can i buy it? i know a store but wat store
wat type of paint and where to buy it
I'm surprised I'm the first to comment. This is wonderful.
This is awesome. Brilliant.
how dose this compare to "blow pens" referring to quality
they are pretty much the same depnding on how good u made yours
If you are referring to one powered by a person's lungs, the results from an airbrush would be more consistent, since it would depend on pressure supplied by a machine.
Could you hook this up to an aquarium pump?
I found a bunch of old fishing baits at a rummage sale that need to be repainted. I didn't want to spend money I really don't have on an airbrush. This might serve very well. I will build this and try it out.
Anybody serious at all about airbrushing would start with a mid-price actual airbrush and a compressor. This video didn't show him doing anything but splattering paint on a sheet or something.
i would like to see you do better i like it 'cuz it is so damn creative...
This would be perfect for the small things that I build!
this made me laugh because it is so creative. when i saw it i thought about adding airduster, but that would take away the fun of it. Perhaps a special stand or mouth piece plug to keep paint from drying inside or from tipping and spilling. good job
I made one from designs off the top of my head its the same concept, but powered by a bike pump
could i power this up with a air compressor??
Only if you set your output psi low.
I don't know about this thing, but the air-brush's that they sell do well around i think it was 50 psi, at least that's what we used during the haunt season for make-up.
what type of paint do you use?
I think the idea behind this so it isn't hooked up to an air compressor, well correct me if i am wrong but aren't they very expensive pieces of equipment. instead of blowing it, what about hooking it up to a can of compressed air??? would need to make the attachment though.
thats depend on the compressor that u buy, u can get a very small one designed for a nailgun fro a quite reasonable price

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