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Introduction: Airbrush

Step 1: Snout

cut cnout from old bootle

Step 2: Snout Tube

glue tube, like this

Step 3: Paint Box

make paint box from plate box

Step 4: Body

disassemble old pen, or marker and make 2-3 holes

Step 5: Folding

fold all together

Step 6: Finish

pour paint and enjoy, how this works, see video (sorry my English ;) )



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    This is ingenious!

    my thought exactly. I want to make a drawbot like that

    Awesome idea, have you done any complicated or involved projects with it we could maybe see a picture of? I would love to see what it's capabilities really are. But regardless, great work, and thanks for taking the time.

    could you use it on skin. for tanning?

    What kind of paint do you use with the air-brush? Sorry if that's mentioned somewhere else, I didn't see it.

    water paint


    can u use others?

    People tend to use watered-down acrylic paint (so it's the roughly the consistency of ink). Actually they don't water it down (although you could, and I do in my cheap airbrush) - they use paint thinner. Any paint should do as long as it's thin enough.

    Never use paint thinner for acrylic, or other water-based, paints. Use only airbrush medium or water. There are also recipes for water-based thinners on the net if you want to whip up a batch.