Introduction: "Smaug" - the Dragon OR How to Airbrush Leather

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Who said a dragon wouldn't fit on a dog collar? Not me, because it worked and I like it a lot. And as a huge J.R. Tolkien and David Cumberbatch fan it had to be Smaug. I hope he is recognisable.

And I included a simple instruction on how to use the airbrush on leather for stunning effects.

Step 1: Supplies

You need

  • blank leather 4 cm wide and 4 mm thick. Lenght depends on the size of your dog.
  • 4 cm buckle
  • D-ring 4 cm
  • rivets

Tools needed

Step 2: Drawing Your Pattern and Transfer

I drew the complete dragon on baking paper.

Dampen the leather with a wet sponge.

Transfer pattern to the leather with a pointed tool.

Step 3: Tooling

Picture of Tooling

Cut the lines with your swivel knife.

Bevel the lines.

Use the modeling tools to create the scales.

Step 4: Airbrush the Dragon

Picture of Airbrush the Dragon

To get an amazing colouring effect I didn't paint the dragon but used an airbrush.

I used fiebings leather dye and thinned it with destilled water. Otherwise it wouldn't work with an airbrush, because the pure colour is too thick. The leather perfectly absorbes the water.
This method worked very well for me.

I airbrushed the dragon in as shown with the Fiebings medium brown.

I airbrushed the edges of the dragon with Fiebings chocolat leather dye.

Step 5: Colouring the Background

Picture of Colouring the Background

Paint the background black.

Step 6: Antique Finish

Picture of Antique Finish

Put on a resist. I use the japan finish.
Let dry.

Rub on a black antique finish with a kitchen paper in circles and work the colour in all cuts. Rub off the remaining colour with a kitchen paper fast.

Step 7: Acylic Colour

Picture of Acylic Colour

Use the acylic paint and a toothpick and paint the teeth white and the eye yellow. Don't forget the black dot in the eye.

Step 8: Finish

Picture of Finish

Use the japan finish.

Finish edges.

Rivet buckle and D-Ring in place.

Punsh holes.



DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-10

That looks awesome! This is probably the coolest dog collar that I have ever seen.

Oh thank you so much *gettingred*

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