What is retouching?
Well, nowadays, retouching refers to the 'touch up' techniques used by digital photographers and editors. This walkthrough is just a basic overview of the processes I went through in photoshop.

We're going to start with a simple portrait and go through some techniques to make the whole image look more professional. We'll be smoothing the skin, sharpening the details, changing the eye colours and colourising the image to give a 'retro' feel.

This instruct able does require some photoshop knowledge as i'm not going to explain where to find the various layer styles etc, but a quick google should help you!

Original image as Jpg and canon raw can be downloaded here:
Original Image

And my photography site (with more tutorials!)
Photography Site

Step 1: Smoothing the Skin

The first step we're going to take is to smooth out the skin. This basically works by blurring and blending the skin to give it a more even tone. I always start by duplicating the background layer and adding a 'dust and scratches' filter at around 5 pixels. This gives a very blurry looking image which I then actually add a Gaussian blur too! Then decrease the layer opacity until the large areas of skin look smooth - but not unnatural.

You will then need to apply a layer mask to remove the blur on the areas of the picture where detail is important - the eyes, hair, contours, etc.
&quot;Adding Curves&quot; Sounded a bit pervy <br>Anyway Nice Tut :)
Ok, Thanks for the comments, i'll take them onboard! <br>This was only my 1st instructable, so i'll try and do more detailed steps in the next one, and use an image that needs more work! <br> <br>Though, saying that, subtlety is the key with retouching work. It's all too easy to go overboard. <br> <br>Again, thanks for the comments!
I've always been curious about this process. I think it would be helpful if you could post some screen shots of what you're doing in each step too?
Only difference I can see is the skin tone went from normal to yellow
All I really see is a difference in light; I prefer the original untouched image.<br> <br> L

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