Airdry Clay Tangram Magnets





Introduction: Airdry Clay Tangram Magnets

Looking for magnets that are both cute and functional? These are a great way to keep your kids (or the adults?) entertained, while still allowing you to actually stick things to your fridge.

Step 1: Roll Out Your Clay

Using a roller (or round glass), roll out your clay to an even thickness (about 5mm).

Step 2: Make Tangram Template

Cut your clay into a square using any sharp object. You can make the square as big or small as you'd like. Using the template included, cut your square into the tangram shapes. Leave your pieces to dry completely. Flip your clay over once a day, so that it can dry evenly.

Step 3: Paint Your Shapes

Using various spray paint colours, paint the tops and sides of your magnet shapes.

Step 4: Attach Magnets

Cut pieces of adhesive magnet sheet, slightly smaller than the shape of your clay. Stick these to the back of the clay. If you do not have an adhesive magnet sheet, you can simply glue a magnet onto the back of each piece.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Have fun playing around, making different tangram shapes. Challenge your children and see how long it can keep them entertained :)



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    Do you think if I used magnetic paint instead of the sheet would it bear the weight of each piece? Thanks

    1 reply

    Hi. I haven't used magnetic paint so I'm not 100% sure. Why not give it a try and let us know? :)


    Very clever idea and beatifully made. I'll certainly do it.

    1 reply