Picture of Airhogs RC Helicopter wall adapter
So, I got tired of wasting all those batteries and decided to wire in a wall adapter to my remote controller for my airhogs helicopter. This allows me to run the controller off of an outlet and when it needs to charge I can still charge my helicopter through the controller without batteries! 

Things you will need:
a 120VAC to 9VDC adapter, mine was also rated for 800mA  - around $20 @ Radio Shack
Solder and Soldering Iron
Some 22 gauge wire
I used a "M" connector between my adapter and controller but you can use whatever you want or hard wire it, doesn't matter.

Step 1:

Picture of
The first thing you want to do is flip the controller over and remove the batteries. Once they are removed, take the six screws out of the back and pull the case apart. You should see something similar to the picture. Take notice of the red and black wires coming from the battery compartment. 
TimR48 months ago

A [mono] headphone jack with an internal switch would work for allowing you to run on batteries or an AC adapter. You wouldn't need a switch that you switch yourself, it would cut the power from the batteries as soon as it's plugged in.

sidvad8 months ago
I have a similar rc copter. I wondered if you could plug a DC adaptor directly into the helicopter? Sure, it doesn't give you the indicator lights, but wouldn't still charge the copter just fine?
"...how I could have the batteries installed and just plug it in to charge ..."

Using a switch would depend on your remembering to use it. If you were to substitute a relay for a switch, and use the power from the a/c adapter to energize the coil, you wouldn't need to worry about fire or other exciting things happening to the batteries or circuitry.

I just got a pocket copter and had the same thought you did, however my charger/base appears to be multi-tap, tapping somewhere in between the 9 volts. I haven't examined in depth.

I made two videos to show that you don't need a switch, just a regular DC Power Plug M connector (that you can get at RadioShack or eBay). It has a third switching leg so batteries will take over if you remove the DC power supply plug.

vsheremeta2 years ago
I've read your post. I have same remote with my helicopter.

I have 3-12 V DC Adapter. When I use it instead of batteries and want to charge the heli green light is blinking like if there were discharged batteries in remote.

Please, give me an advice what to do!
what type of rc copter is that
Fearce13 years ago
I've done this before myself.
I've learned though that the adjustable/fixed voltage wall warts don't always output the exact voltage as described on the device. Heres a little info: