Airplane Propeller Ceiling Fan




Introduction: Airplane Propeller Ceiling Fan

Convert any ordinary ceiling fan into a mock up airplane propeller.

Step 1: Remove Fan Blades

This is my first instructable so hear it goes. Remove the blades from the fan. There were about 3 screws on each blade. It may very on other fans.

Step 2: Pick Colors

Decide what colors you want. I went with black as the main color, and yellow for the tips. The color is really up to you.

Step 3: Let There Be Paint!

I painted the blades black first, then added the yellow later. I used black Valspar interior/exterior for the main color. For the tips I used an yellow acrylic hobby paint from hobby lobby. It was about a 1:50. I had the Valspar in the garage.

Step 4: Mask the The Edges.

Make sure to make the tips the same width so they are even.

Step 5: Remove Your Masking Tape.

After its dry remove the tape. Tip: make sure your area is cat free. As you can see in the one picture the cat came out of nowhere and stepped on the wet paint. Stupid cat!!!

Step 6: Finish!!! Put You Fan Blades Back On.

Put your fan blades back on and check it out! I apologize for the bad pictures. Phones don't take good pictures.



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