Airplane Wing Desk





Introduction: Airplane Wing Desk

Mount an airplane wing on pre-made desk supports.



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    I'm just guessing, but it looks a lot like an R/C model of the larger scales. Even if it's not, you could probably use one for this. You could buy one off of ebay or perhaps find a crashed one on craigslist.
    This is an awesome project idea!

    That's not a wing, but the horizontal tail of an aircraft. By the looks of it, it's a T-tail (so it would be mounted on top of the vertical tail). It seems made from glass-fiber and is probably from a sailplane or motor-glider.
    I both envy you for having it, and detest you for crudely screwing on those saw-horses ;).
    A more elegant solution would be using the original bolt-holes for a single, central support, much in the same way it would have been attached to the aircraft. You would have to use wider base, so it looks like a sideways H.
    Then again, better whip up something quick-and-dirty and actually use what you made, rather than have stuff sitting on the side while considering how to do it better (and not having the material to do so)...

    Considered a center mounted support but the wing structure is nowhere near strong enough to support much weight out at the ends. In the air with the stress evenly distributed it'd be fine but putting weight on a central fulcrum is too much to ask of it's light weight internal frame.

    Not to detract from what you said, but if someone wanted to, they could drill through the center of the structure and add a wooden or better yet, a steel dowel that ran the length of the wing in two or three places (tip-to-tip), which would give it the support needed to do a center mounted support. Just a heads up. Awesome instructable by the way. I'm currently looking to do something similar to this with a Bell 212 tail-rotor I picked up.

    You should shim it out to get better attachment. That's not the right fasteners if that is a foam core or skinned wing.

    Maybe great globs of epoxy could do both jobs at once?

    Epoxy is both permanent and precludes changing the angle of the desktop that does get used as a drawing surface from time to time. The problem is very slightly more complex than it first appears, but more complex none the less.


    Culturespy = Katmataz?

    No, she was just kind enough to post my project. I did it while i was on staff at HQ but didn't post it.