Airsoft 101 W Tyler & Bailey





Introduction: Airsoft 101 W Tyler & Bailey

M4505 Reveiw



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    tHANKS BUT i prefer spring due to the chaeaper price & the reason it didn't  Knock the can over is because we were using .12G bb's And if we used .20G bb's Thanks For watching this video too:)

    dude 12. grams go faster ps that can should have fallen when i had it it would fall.

    but .2 have more impact plus this gun is very acurate with .2

    actually fps is pretty much a joke i got an accuracy upgrade and it was suppose to reduce the fps now it makes my friends bleed and now i snipe with an ak47 i bought a scope. anyways fps is not important it reduces muzzle velocity but the bb hits the target faster with .20 grams

    But that depends on the fps. If it dosent have good fps or power .2 wont shoot out of the gun. If he has a lot of fps .2 will shoot faster and accurate out of the gun. I use .25 in my mbo3 and if i go higher or lower it wont shoot with as much fps. Its like throwing a paper ball. If you throw paper and a tennis ball the tennis ball will go further because of inertia!!! :)

    you obviously know about your forces and physics but you have no clue about airsoft

    Oh i forgot to say it will curve when a .2 is fired with high fps and will make it have horrible accuracy and yes i do know a lot about airsoft. I play all the time.

    Yeah i do!? :P

    Nice gun!!!! Safety first!!

    i have a aeg and it dont jam at all and my aeg is more powerfull them my co2 so dont rely on a co2 gun there okay but not that great.