Airsoft (1600 Fps)





Introduction: Airsoft (1600 Fps)

OK so for about 30 dollars and ~2 hours, you can have your own super accurate butane powered air soft gun, wrist mounted shooting at 1600fps. Its an attachment to the hidden blade and it can also be used by itself.

Youtube is having troubles with the audio =(

Step 1: Materials and Tools!!!

All of the parts were avb. at my local hardware store
You'll need

1 Male NPT quick release
1 Female npt valve
1 9/32 brass pipe (No Bigger or smaller!!!)
13/32 brass pipe (adapts and fit to most standard butane bottles, check to make sure ti fits first)
1 butane bottle
plastic bb's
metal putty!
5/16's cork
light load 1/4 od spring
1/4 npt to 1/4 inch hose barb
2 feet of 1/4 teflon hose ( I used some low pressure, clear teflon i had lying around)

Hot glue
Cresent wrench

Step 2: Pipes

Using a pipe cutter cut 3 inches off your small pipe
then cut 2 inches off your big pipe

Good? good.

Step 3: Its Hamm----dremel Time!

Take your dremel and widen the ends of the brass pipe with a light sanding bit in you dremel (The pipe cutter shortens the ID near the cut)

Now take a cutting bit and cut off 6/16's of an inch of pipe through 1/2 of the pipe depth about 2 inches from either end of your big pipe.

Now use you dremel to flare the end of th 2*9/32's pipe and stick the flared and into your new cut on the big pipe, Which the putty and cement it into place there.

now us your dremel to open the inside of the MALE npt up a bit, mix more putty and rub it onto the base of the long pipe, now stick that into the male npt. It should be a snug fit.

Step 4: Hot Glue Hurts on the Skin =(((

OK CAREFULLY take your hot glue gun and lue the NPT valves quick release trier open

thats basically it....

Step 5: Pipe!

Attach your 1/4 npt to 1/4 hose barb onto your npt valve and slip you hose on, then, tighten with a hose barb

On the other end of the hose put hot glue on your smallest pipe, squeeze it in and fasten with a hose barb, your ready for a pressure test.

Put the bottle on the small end of the hose and squeese straight in, if you see liquid in the tub, your good, now carefully take the hose off (Butane will spray out, be careful its -170C!)

Step 6: Your Almost Ready!

Glue the cork to the spring and your done!!!!

Step 7: Final Project!

Its shoots at 1600 fps! its stupid fast! and dangerous BE CAREFUL!

the math 13*.012 = .156 * .2 = .0312 *54125 = 1598 fps
(sheets of paper) 13
(Densile grams per 1/4 inch) .012
(gram weight per bb) .20 grams
constant of paper-fps conversion) 54125

Holy crap thats hard math, basically we have the amount of paper per 1/4 inch we punch through * the gram mass of the bb * a constant  value that equates in velocity

Step 8: Saftey

I am not responsible for your actions, this is a very dangerous project utilizing high pressure, super chilled gases and high velocity objects, try it at your own risk.



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    you shot youre freinds with this gun there is no way it shoots at 1400 fps you could go hunting with that thing the 22. 250 can kill a goat at 200yards shoots that fast there is no way it goes that fast i have even shot the 22. 250
    stop over exagerating

    3 replies

    if you sto pto think, "could a peice of plastic weighing nothign close to a bullet do any realy damage?" youd realize speed and mass have nothing to do with each other.... light moves so freaking fast and yet we dont feel it. think before posting.

    Despite your consistent claim that a .2 gram, .23 gram, or .25 gram bb would do nothing to damage you, you are incorrect. The standard airsoft gun fires bb's somewhere between 250 and 450 FPS. Increasing this by some 5 fold does drastically increase the chances that you will break the skin, and embed a plastic pellet deep into someone's skin. The convenient thing about your design, as mentioned on another comment, is that the pellet is traveling no where near this speed. On Butane, which as also mentioned above is unsafe, you'll be pushing somewhere between 300 and 350. On HFC134a, also known as duster gas, or compressed air, you'll be pushing somewhere between 200 and 250. This is also assuming you have a perfectly pressure tight seal on the entire design, and I would doubt that with the components that the every day person has access to.

    Your manner of measuring, the number of sheets the pellets travel through, is also not accurate. There are several threads posted on the forum Michigan Airsoft (MIA) that have reliable, tested methods of determining the general speed of a projectile. I suggest you take a Google search over there, and see what you can find. You might get a better, more accurate reading of your FPS.

    airsoft hurts normally! 1600 fps could kill you

    my friend has a sniper airsoft rifle running off compressed air that reaches 900fps using a standard .40 gram bb we can shoot through one inch of wood he does not use this on people because if it hit you in the neck or the temple it could kill you.
    i have been shot at point blank by a 500fps airsoft rifle using .40 gram bbs (again standard airsoft sniper ammo) , and the only reason it did not stick in my skin was because it hit bone . the next person to get shot was not so lucky he had to dig a bb out of his neck. point being if you have an airsoft gun that shoots three times faster than that,and you shoot your friends with it, your friend wont be friends for long.

    1 reply

    yeah but you can kill your self by hitting your temple or neck with a well placed knockle.

    Can it even go through the bottom of a coke can? If it can't then it isn't pushing past 400 FPS

    Been doing a little more research. The pressure in your butane can is on the order of 30 PSI at room temperature. Nor going to get much velocity out of 30 psi.

    A standard 9mm Parabellum police round, aka 9mmx19, uses about a 150 grain (10 gram) bullet traveling about 1500 fps. I think you are confusing grams with grains. A gram weighs 15.4 grains. A 12 gram projectile would weigh about 180 grains. By comparison, a lead ball 1/2" in diameter weighs about 178 grains.

    I have a number of break-barrel air rifles, GAMO, Beeman, Crosman. NONE of them shoot a projectile over about 1200 fps. Most are around 1000 fps, and the "youth" versions are around 600fps. Achieving anything over 1100 fps (speed of sound) is very difficult with a pneumatic weapon.

    could you attach this to a bb gun to increase the power

    I really doubt people play air soft with you i mean really that could go straight through a mask or googles

    Ok we'll do this nicely and quickly:

    Most airsoft gas-guns works on propane/greengas right?
    The high-range of these airsoft guns will reach about 550 fps, rarely 600 fps, at about 25ºC. And that is considered a lot, as 400 fps is enough to cause tissue damage. All this using 0.2g BBs.

    Now, the propane is used in the same way as you use the butane; the gas expansion propels the BB.

    Let's go check what's the Critical Pressure of both gas (that means the MAX pressure you could theoretically get no matter the temperature, not the pressure you actual have in your canister, which is much lower for security reasons)

    Butane: 3.8 MPa
    Propane: 4.257 MPa

    Conclusion? You speak bullsh*t

    I doubt butane would even give you more than 350.
    Still not bad at all actually, but 1600fps? Come on. It's clear you don't even know what that means

    2 replies

    Try this, it's been a proven empiric way of measuring fps, and is likely to be much much more accurate that your paper thing (that one made me laugh so hard, thanks for that)

    You're completely right. 1600 FPS is a Class D firearm as well, and ranges inside the firing potential of a .22LR.

    In addition, do NOT use butane in ANY form of cycling, projectile firing device. Butane is VERY unstable - this is why you can throw a lighter at the ground, and it will explode - so running around with a pressurized container of butane, which feeds into a chamber to fire pellets is unbelievably dangerous. Consider switching the gas to propane, a more stable gas used for other pressurized gas airsoft guns.

    okay, this is A) not shooting that fast on can pressure alone, and B) give me better directions, so i actually know what the heck to do.

    1400 fps can half way through a deer
    a can of butane or propane is not going to do something like that

    2 replies

    if you sto pto think, "could a peice of plastic weighing nothign close to a bullet do any realy damage?" youd realize speed and mass have nothing to do with each other.... light moves so freaking fast and yet we dont feel it. think before posting.

    actual take this hole situation logicly i dout it is realy 1600 fps like nehi beacos you said light travels fast but its so small a bullet travels slower but its bigger it like the difrence if some one throu a cell at you and a rock at you but on the mater of y i dont think it 1600 fps is beacaus i have a stor bot bb gun that shot apr 1200 fps and it can shout thro 4 and a half cans lined up in a row what vulcan13 said might be true i have never actualy shot a deer beafor so i cant tell but a can of butane cant shot 1600 fps it might reach 900 fps tops but a good gun non the less

    your math isn't even based on any velocity calculations...