MIssion Statement
This instructable follows my first and has the main goal of going past the first week or month of the sport of airsoft. I avoided calling it an intermediate's guide because this area is very vague; I do not consider myself an expert. But airsoft is accessible to anyone who wants to play, past the core rules, I don't believe there are stupid questions from anyone with a gun and a mask on. Should a novice know the inner workings of a gearbox? Should an experienced player know? Mostly the answer is a qualified no - there is no rule requiring knowledge of gearbox maintenance or repair. However this information is useful to many players who are willing to open up their guns and check things out. I'll try to make this almost a "survey" of the different subsets of information about airsoft and gameplay advice in CQB.

Thank You
Also, I'd like to thank all of those who read and rated my first airsoft instructable. I read every comment and appreciate the feedback. It has been much too long since my first guide; owing partially to the fact that I've been out of the game for a bit and mostly to the fact that I didn't really know where to go from the first instructable. The impetus to this instructable is refreshing my own knowledge, replying to comments asking me questions, and the realization that no other instructable I've seen has approached the topics I want to. There's a niche, and I'm going to give a shot at filling it.

And special thanks to those who noted my efforts at writing a concise and planned guide.

Step 1: Disclaimers/Refresher Rules

"I ain't your momma"
I am not in the military, the tips discussed are for use in airsoft as a SPORT; real life tactics may be more effective, but they may also be unsporting. Other tactics would make real tacticians laugh out loud. Regarding the basic maintenance, disassembling or modifying your airsoft gun, this is done AT YOUR OWN RISK. Humilating as it was, I was guilty of bringing a "shoebox" gun - a box full of parts - to my local tech once, and while I will go through some basics concerning my particular case (an ICS SIG 552 and associated internals), I am not an expert or tech in any way. I am also not associated with any particular shop/store/company/field/clan/team anything in the world of airsoft. Which means my opinions and prejudices may not be fully informed and possibly totally biased. To be straight up:

I appreciate your comments, but most questions regarding troubleshooting or quality will be referred to the internet. If I could have called it a "pointing in the right direction, sort of, to tactics and care, based on personal experience" without people laughing, I would have.

-Safety First!-
If you read my first instructable on airsoft (please do!), you should be aware of the core rules.
1. Proper safety gear (Full Mask/Eyewear depending on field rules)
2. Safe Weapon Handling (Treat like a real steel weapon)
3. No physical or verbal confrontation
4. Call your hits
5. Ask for surrender (Minimum Engagement Distance)
6. Dead men do not talk
7. Obey referees
8. Follow FPS limits
9. Follow rules of the game
10. Play with honor

Safety makes airsoft playable, honor makes airsoft fun
This is absolutely the best guide out there even now I rate it 10/10
dude this is great
Great guide! One of the best I saw on the site! 5* for you <br>(got it to 5* overall rating =D)
I like the detail you take to saftey and chivlary of airsoft. very easy to be a jerk and very easy to get hurt. Good guide
i know thisis gonna soung stupid but what does cqb stand for
Close quarter Combat
About this suppressor you own that actually decreases the sound of fire, whose legality is rather, questionable, what exactly is this silencer and where can I get one? <br>
It was quite a while ago when I bought it so I don't even know if it's on the market anymore, but since it's an online merchant, I don't mind posting it. &nbsp;I'm camera-less right now, so all I can give you are the details. &nbsp;I bought it from ehobbyasia - a pretty decent site for hard to find import airsoft accessories. &nbsp;Suppressors in both airsoft and real steel guns use baffles to absorb the sound coming from the end of the barrel. &nbsp;While my fully upgraded TM SIG552 didn't see much of a decrease because the gearbox and motor were loud on their own, a stock TM G36c was satisfyingly quieted. &nbsp;The suppressor I bought was threaded on both ends to be compatible with clockwise and counterclockwise barrels. &nbsp;Inside the suppressor itself (the ends also unscrewed from the tube) were many dark gray, soft foam discs, spongy material similar to what can be found in air filters. &nbsp;Many cosmetic suppressors are simply metal tubes, which don't do anything make your shots quieter. &nbsp;Remember though, if your gearbox or motor is making a lot of sound, a suppressor won't be as effective. &nbsp;Hope this helps!
It did, thanks.
&nbsp;in picture 7 the visor looks like master chiefs!
now all we need is an elite airsoft mask lol
then will have halo airsoft (:
Yep, the support hand should cup the magazine butt plate, lay your supporting hand's thumb right up snug against the thumb of your shooting hand, and splay your fingers, depending on how big your hands are, the fingertips of your support hand should cover the pinkie and ring finger of your shooting hand. Your shooting hand is positioned a little high on the grip too, probably makes it awkward to get your finger on the trigger when you want to. Not trying to bust on you or anything, just passing along what I learned in handgun training. Both handguns and long guns are part of both my career and my hobbies. Once you get holding your gun in a two hand grip in a Weaver or modified Weaver stance down and put it into practice in the field, you'll probably notice you drop a lot more bodies. I almost guarantee you'll never go back to shooting with one hand unless you absolutely have to.
the way you hold your pistol with two hands is... well... bad. your non-trigger hand should be underneath where the magazine comes out, sort of cupping the bottom of the gun.
no boots?
I dont know about you, but i wear a shirt, shorts, glasses, and maybe jeans and a jacket if its in the winter. And i still get down nitty gritty on my stomach like everyone else.
Amazing, someone who can write an airsoft instructable! Jeez, I need to fix mine.<br />
g36c=sewwt<br/>g36c with drum mag=addicting,going to win,1100 bbs!,and SWEETERS!<br/>Zer goot?<br/>
Jeez, if you're using a different language, at leat spell correctly!<br /><br />It's ' Sehr gut! '
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FAIL! Noted. WHO the hell do YOU think you are?
close enough.<br /> it is another launguage
It's GErman. WHICH I STUDY.<br />
<p>German... my bad</p>
move gun, not head
Nicely written, thanks for taking the time to put this up!<br />
dude, this was the best guide ive ever seen in my entire life!<br /> great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<strong>on my gun it has a speed</strong> <strong>load</strong> built in (240 airstrike)<br />
nice dumbell.<br />
This is great.<br /> <br /> The two airsoft instructables you've posted are probably the best ones on the site, hands down.&nbsp;
yeah this is actually one of the best among the airsoft instructables. thanks for making it :D
you could use the fore grip as a uni-pod!
Good point, there was also a foregrip that had a spring loaded bipod (I saw it as part of the ICS 2006 Anniversary M4 Package). In fast games though, a unipod is sometimes less stable than your hand simply rotated about 90 degrees, using your thumb to cradle the gun and your hand as a support base on whatever cover you're behind.
Thank you very much. This will definitley help me when I buy my M4 in a couple of months. Very nice work here. 5 stars.
Finally, an Airsoft Guide that actually says something. Nice guns, BTW.

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