This is my first instructable, so please bear that in mind. I've seen a couple other airsoft guides on instructables, but I want mine to be much more comprehensive and approaching the hobby from a point of view that takes into account most of the concerns I went through myself when I started playing.

Step 1: You Sure?

The first step is important, and that's if you're sure you can handle shooting people (possibly your friends) and being shot (again, by your friends). I recommend trying the sport out first, renting before buying, and seeing if you like it.

This sport does sometimes draw blood, cause bruises, and definitely raise some welts. At times I have experienced a mouth full of bb fragments, a bleeding neck, ear, arms, blood blisters on the fingers, and yes, occasionally welts on my butt. If you can handle your coworkers / spouse / fellow churchmembers seeing those battle scars, and perhaps wondering where that hickey or strange skin disease came from, read on.

Airsoft is about realism, they are called airsoft "guns", not like paintball "markers" for a reason. Airsoft guns are made to look as close as possible to real steel weaponry, and advanced play defines Airsoft as a "milsim" - military simulation. Systema for example is an airsoft manufacturer that is geared more towards "training tools" than "toys". Remember that running around with a replica gun will get you killed, arrested, or slowly choke airsoft as a legal sport in the US. Most players of all experience levels would attend an organized outdoor event before finding some willing private property owner that would allow them to destroy their land with plastic bb waste, and bb shredded trees and plant life. If you live in a rural area, and you just want to skirmish with a few friends, the least you can do is inform your neighbors if you're near their property, and local law enforcement as well. Remember too that plastic bb's will be there a long time, there are some biodegradeable bb's marketed, but from most research they leave much to be desired.

Backyard airsofting in the middle of suburbia is ALWAYS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Helicopters, low flying planes, people passing by will see what looks like either a small scale shootout or a homegrown training site for rebels-terrorists-whatever. Just don't do it.

I've seen a few other places where people swear by backyard airsofting, but in my opinion you're still asking for trouble, and you're just lucky that people have ignored you so far. Getting caught is the proof, and who's going to come back and comment about the time you and your friends were heavily fined, arrested, and jailed for backyard airsofting? No, the only commenters will be the ones who haven't been caught yet.

Okay, finally! Here's where this instructable really starts. CQB or CQC - close quarters battle/combat, is I think the best way to jump right into the pool.

Find a good CQB airsoft site, next, call the site! If you're a total beginner there are a few questions you need to ask:

1. Are there rentals, supplies available for purchase onsite?
Can you rent a gun and/or a mask there? What about buying gas, bb's, snacks/drinks, maybe even a gun if you want. Rentals are almost 100% sure to be available, but you might as well be sure.

2. What is the policy regarding eye protection?
Some sites may require full masks, while others require only approved goggles.
(Note: Approved goggles do not mean shop goggles, or even shooters glasses. Shop goggles will shatter into brittle shards, and shooter's glasses do not offer fully closed protection. Even military spec'd rain/wind/dust goggles will break, you need to find a good paintball mask or purpose-built airsoft goggles at the least.

3. If you're a minor, what about parental consent?
Do they have to be there? Do you need any ID?

4. What are the hours?
Airsoft is still a relatively small and niche sport, sometimes my friends and I will call up simply to ask if there's anyone there at all. (Don't get me wrong, a small game can be just as fun as a wild 30 on 30 shootout.)

5. Do they take breaks?
This might be unique to the field I frequent, but they take a 30-60 minute break for lunch and dinner (wristbands show who has paid and can reenter the field), after the dinner break (~7pm) prices are cut to a half day rate, so this might be a good time to jump in.

So now that you've called and you're ready to leave, how do you prepare?
What is a good website to buy airsoft guns that will not break in a week or a month and idc about the price
<p>The website i get my airsoft guns from are from evike.com. But this site is if you're willing to buy expensive equipment.</p>
<p>do i need to call a field? i don't particularly have people to play with so i cant schedule anything, thats why i dont know if i can just show up or not.</p>
I'm fifteen and I have no money I tried airsoft once with my brother but that was with a vvveeerrrryyy cheap gun from a flea market. I play paintball now but would like to do both. Where can I get a reasonable good gun for very cheap?
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.airsoftgi.com">http://www.airsoftgi.com</a> has good prices , good service and lots of guns<br/>
<p>NOOOOOO,ibought a spring pistol for 12 at walmart, the M&amp;P 40, with 345 fps, itis the desert camo style, and i searched up the exact same gun, THE EXACT SAME ONE, and it was for $34, spring powered with no where around 300 fps, i dont remember what it was, but its a complete waste, i was crackin up.</p>
I personally say airsoftmegastore.com Always cheaper, and I think they have a better selection. But I recently got a shotgun off ASGI because the had the gun I wanted and Megastore didn't.
Get a job and find a reasonably priced high end AEG. Sometimes you can find really nice ones for $75-ish. Find something to do that can make you money
Airsoft Gi is pretty legit
their is a great retail website called airsoft panda buy the cyma ak 47 for 93$ /74 euro its called the cm028
You could try airsplat.com
dont buy from airsplat they send the wrong guns , broken guns and their service is bad
Actually don't judge the flea market. I went and bought an airsoft pistol for $4. It's the best handgun I've got. And that says something.
<p>dizzytired&gt; </p><p>You could add the rule about trigger housing. Keeping your finger in the trigger housing of a gun when you don't intend to fire it is a sign of trigger-happiness. It can lead to problems, especially when the operator pulls the trigger and assumes that safety is on. It is always best to keep your finger out of the housing unless you intend to fire. </p>
<p>will the m83 or m85 mags work with the m82 ( the same one you have in your pictures) and i live in canada do you know where i can buy some?</p>
<p>will the m83 or m85 mags work with the m82 ( the same one you have in your pictures) and i live in canada do you know where i can buy some?</p>
My gun is a 415 FPS D-Boys M4. Would that be good for a match?
I have a CYMA AK47, and I'm wondering if it's worth it to put a rail on it? If so, could you point me to a good rail?<br />
Do you have the cyma ak model cm028? if so, is it a good gun? Is it too heavy?<br />
Its about 8.7 pounds and its full metal
Yes, I do, and it's a great gun. It has fair accuracy and fair range, and gets about 380FPS, or Feet Per Second. If you're not from the US, that's about 1/3 of a meter. However, the stock battery isn't great, and there's no rail. You can buy a good battery for about $50.00 (can't help you there if you're not American),and a rail for about $15. I can't seem to find an under-barrel rail, so if you want to GL it, use rubber bands, and lots of 'em. Because the stock, outside lower receiver, and handle/ foregrip are really high quality plastic, it isn't heavy. It has full metal internals, though, so I want to ask you what you mean by &quot;too heavy&quot;(In pounds, please). It weighs in at about ( I think) 7 pounds with battery and magazine in, full. It's worth the $110.00. Completely. Oh, and one last thing- the one with full stock is much easier to change the battery, you can change it in the field if you're behind something hard.<br />
Thank you, this will be my first real AEG, and it looked like a good gun on Airsoft GI.Thanks alot. I'm gonna kick some butt at my buddies house!<br />
Definitely worth a rail. As for a good rail: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/AKS-071
i need a good spring rifle. i have a pistol. any good ideas!!??
Sniper rifles or a DmR
Sniper rifles or a DmR
Colt M4A1. I have one that I sawed off with a hacksaw after the barrel got chipped via my own stupidity. It's an awesome gun.
Actually, you should probably look for a bolt action instead of a charging handle.
Actually the .20g 6mm BB is not the standard, the .15g is the standard. It is the only true in between from the .12g and the .20g. The six fields that I have been at and almost all of the events that I have been at use the .15g.
That's interesting, the online retailers I've shopped at don't even offer .15g. What country are you from? From what I've experienced and read. .20g are standard. Anyone care to comment?
<p>if you look at Walmat.com they sell 0.15 gram bb's</p>
he doesnt know what he is talking about ive been playing since i was 9 years old im 21now i think i kinda know bout this.
.12 gram bbs are standard all round bbs .20 gram bbs are for special guns and special events .15 ive never heard of but when i looked them up it said they were the standard international bbs for tournements <br>
I currently live in MN, USA... It is considered the universal event weight. One event I went to required that you only shoot the .15g weights. I think the factor may be whether they have international team invites sent out. I know that in France they use the .15g, my cybergun came standard with a load of .15g.
now that is weird. i have not once ever seen a .15g. i haven't seen them online, at department stores, flea markets, ANYWAHERE!!! if you have a link where they sell, or know of a place, please tell me. i need more accuracy for my gun, the .12s are just too light, but .20 goes half the distance.
Yes, the problem with .12g is that even with hopup, they are generally poor quality. &lt;a rel=&quot;nofollow&quot; href=&quot;http://www.airsoftpost.com/index.php?cPath=27_128&quot;&gt;Evike&lt;/a&gt; is where I would get .12g bbs if I needed them, but realistically (since I also have never seen a .15g bb) your options would be a tightbore or rifled barrel, or a power upgrade to use .20g bb's. If you're just using a spring powered gun, then I'd say you might be stuck with the .12g's, I don't think they make upgrade parts for springers. But if you're using a quality AEG or GBB, then I'd say you're expecting way too much accuracy from your gun, hehe.&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
In the US of A, the standard is .12 gram. The .20 is a slightly more professional grade ammo. I like to use the light stuff in my automatic MP-7 just because it seems to work more efficiently.
no, first of all the is no 15g there is a 16g and also they still ruin guns and they arnt standerds .20g bbs are and also only go to places that you can use ur own bbs most places recycle thiers and that ruins ur gun to...
When I play we just go onto teams, and shoot the enemies. if you get hit, you can still play, it's boring when you keep getting hit and have to keep going back to your base and do nothing
is this a good airsoft starter set http://www.amazon.com/gp/cart/view.html/ref=gno_cart <br> <br>i know some of them are shit but dont hate im only askin &gt;.&lt;
Thats a sweet guide man Ive ben playing airsoft for 5 years now and i am going to make my own ible today
You said that 2 years ago...
Can some one please respond to this? I want to buy the DE M14 SOCOM, but I don't know much about it. I know its not electric or gas, and its made of plastic, but i WANT a spring rifle. Thanks.
Look it up on: Amazon, Airsplat, AirsoftGi or Dick's Sporting Goods. BTW, I had a plastic spring rifle and it literally snapped in half. Maybe I shouldn't have hit that guy over the head so hard... You should probably look for ABS plastic.
Well I want to know from someone with some expertise, not parents on amazon or something. I already have the site picked out, I just want someone to post a review right here
But don't people rob places with them because they look so real?And can't people get badly injured by them?(They are illegal in the place I live because people would try killing other people and robbing stuff with them)
Where the heck do you live????
Good guide. Is this a good gun. I already got my pistol at walmart. It has that Tokyo Mauri thing u said. I only got into airsoft for about a week now. http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-XL-AK47-0512.htm
FPS is pretty low, but the AK-47 is an awesome gun.
Really? Dude backyard airsoft is totally legal, you cannot be fined for playing it in your own back yard on your own (censored) property!!! If you do, well, law enforcement in your area really sucks.

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