Picture of Airsoft Ammo Container
Here's something to do with empty bottles.  Clear ones work best.  I used some old medicine ones that I have.

You'll need:

Painter Tape

Primer (Spray)

Paint (Spray)

X-acto knife


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Step 1:

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Find a design that appeals to you.  I printed out a paw pattern at 50%.  I've found that the more intricate designs lose a little of their crispness.  This time I went with a bold pattern.

Place a few overlapping strips of painters tape on a cutting surface.  Trim the pattern and place it over the tape. Now tape the pattern down.
Using an X-acto or other sharp blade, carefully cut out your design.

Step 2:

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To create the window to keep track of the ammount of ammo within the bottle, slice a strip of 1 inch painters tape in half.

Measure the tape against the bottle and create tick marks, about 1/2 inch apart.

Place the tape along the side of your bottle, then use the knife to carefully slice ONLY through the tape. 

Remember: whatever you leave covered will be clear.

Step 3:

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Carefully cover the threads on the top of the bottle as well as the cap.  The paint can gunk up the ability to close and open the bottle easily.

If you want your design to be clear, skip to the next step, then prime.

I wanted a two tone design for this bottle.  I laid down the white primer first.  You'll want a primer that adheres to plastic, usually Krylon or any indoor/outdoor spray primer.

One coat should be enough, just spray light and even.  Allow it to dry. 

Depending on the humidity and temperature, it should take anywhere from 10 mins to an hour.
ilpug3 years ago
I like the design, but a bit impractical for the game.
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is great! I think the paw is adorable, but I could see some wonderful uses for this as classroom storage, as well as some really cool Halloween props! Nice 'able!!
kmac1 (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
Thanks! I'm planning on making a few more for the bits and bobbles I want to keep together. Didn't think of Halloween props, I now see some neat potion bottles in my future lol.
YAY! I love it when it sparks ideas for more instructable fun! You know, it could make really cool packaging for X-mas gifts.
Nahual3 years ago
Love it. I think I can add a nozzle for easier loading.
kmac1 (author)  Nahual3 years ago
Thanks! I was thinking along that same line, an excellent idea! Let me know how it goes.