Here's something to do with empty bottles.  Clear ones work best.  I used some old medicine ones that I have.

You'll need:

Painter Tape

Primer (Spray)

Paint (Spray)

X-acto knife



Step 1:

Find a design that appeals to you.  I printed out a paw pattern at 50%.  I've found that the more intricate designs lose a little of their crispness.  This time I went with a bold pattern.

Place a few overlapping strips of painters tape on a cutting surface.  Trim the pattern and place it over the tape. Now tape the pattern down.
Using an X-acto or other sharp blade, carefully cut out your design.
I like the design, but a bit impractical for the game.
This is great! I think the paw is adorable, but I could see some wonderful uses for this as classroom storage, as well as some really cool Halloween props! Nice 'able!!
Thanks! I'm planning on making a few more for the bits and bobbles I want to keep together. Didn't think of Halloween props, I now see some neat potion bottles in my future lol.
YAY! I love it when it sparks ideas for more instructable fun! You know, it could make really cool packaging for X-mas gifts.
Love it. I think I can add a nozzle for easier loading.
Thanks! I was thinking along that same line, an excellent idea! Let me know how it goes.

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