Airsoft BB Holder





Introduction: Airsoft BB Holder

An easy airsoft bb holder made from a simple pill bottle and a straw to act as the spout.

Step 1: The Materials

All you'll need is a a couple of things you can find around your house.

1.Empty pill bottle
2.Straw (big enough for the bb's to fit through)
3.Airsoft bb's
5.Drill bit (the same size as the straw)
7.Hot glue gun
8.Hot glue sticks
9.Popsicle sticks

Step 2: The Hole

Drill a hole in the top of the pill bottle lid. Make sure the straw fits in it good.

Step 3: The Straw

Cut the strawto the length you want the spout to be. (about 1.5 inches)

Step 4: The Glue

Once the straw fits the hole, hot glue the straw into the hole. THen let it dry. Cut a little bit of popsicle stick (about half an inch) and stick it in the top of the straw to act as a cork so no mm's fall out.

Step 5: The End

Load the bottle full of bb's then put the cap on and shoot away.



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i will make one for my gun,
mp.7 500 clip. fully auto/ simi, and 200 psi


thats an mp.5 the mp.7 has its clip in the handle, like an uzi or a handgun.

psi? or do you mean fps? (and "simi? you mean semi. (right?))

 drill a hole in the bottom of the container and voala you got a homemade machine airsoft gun you just need to feel it with bbs and blow thru that hole that you just made and the bbs go flying out!!!enjoy!!!

Great idea. There are so many different things to hold's ridiculous...but this is one of the better ones.

he meant load the pelleets into the gun to fire later.

like the one i made i got a glue stick and drilled a hole at the bottumn and it was a ring at the bottom and i put a bic pen tube in it and i can take the cap off to refill

all you need to do now is stick a pen tube through the bottom and you have a full auto airsoft gun!