Step 3: Pistol Buying Guide

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Ok, A Sidearm is a backup for you're main weapon. It is Usually a Pistol and That is what i am covering

Gas is the best Type of BB propulsion for a Pistol as it is powerful easy to use and can make a pistol very much like the real thing. They can have a blowback system so when you fire the slide of the pistol goes back and forth like the real thing. some even have a recoil system so it kicks back at you. I'm currently using a tiny little gas pistol that is super cool. The HG1070B 25 or the HFC Colt 25. Yes I might have said that HFC isn't a very good make for AEG but this little pistol for £20 is decent
weesuzi3 years ago
Definition of a pistol-

"A weapon you use to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped in the first place."

Can't remember who said that.
they are both real guns or bb guns, you HAVE to hwave orange tips, otherwise its illegal....