Airsoft Claymore





Introduction: Airsoft Claymore

A simple airsoft Claymore made from a party popper.

idea found here

EDIT: The link above is dead. Sorry.
And wow, Its been awhile since I posted this. Since then I've found that, even with corn instead of BBs, this doesn't work except in scenarios where the triggering of the device itself is considered a kill, at which point you might as well leave in the confetti. 

Step 1: Supplies

1.partty poppers line.
4.long thin object(like a knife or pencil)

Step 2: Make

CAREFULY remove the paper circle that holds the confetti in.
You will need that later.
Remove confetti.
Fill with BBs.
Replace paper circle.

Step 3: Setup

use the eyelet screws to attach the popper to a tree or some thing.
tie fishing line to the end of the popper string.
run line accros chosen space.
Expeirement to best suit you needs.

Step 4: Other Uses

attach to a weapon to use as a shotgun.
leave empty, then trigger to scare the crap ouy of enemies.

Iow, I thought Id think of more, somebody comment and tell me another use I can put in here.



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    does not work ?

    I will so do this thx

    sorry about my name i made my account a few years ago and dont relly use nerf any more but good idea i am going to plance these around my bunker

    If you place all of them inside of a box you could make a really powerful claymore. Once you've loaded it tie all the strings togther and when your friend/enimy comes along pull on the strings.

    this is a great idea. you've got the same gun as me

    i tried this omg its fricken amazing i scared the crap out of my friends and left like a million bruises on him he looked liken he got attacked by a swarm of bees its amazing