Picture of Tattoo Gun
In this Instructable I will show you how to make a cheap tattoo gun!
Just to let people know this is NOT my idea!!


Step 1: Matrials and Tools

Picture of Matrials and Tools

Duct Tape

A Crest Spinbrush Pro ( MUST be the same )

Refill ink

Thinest 'E' guitar string

Mechanical Pencil




bdughi2 years ago
To whomever uses this. I hope your enjoy the HEP C and MRSA that comes along with scratcher tattoos I know this site has allot of content and they can't always thin out the garbage but this should be common sense. If you are wanting a tattoo get it done buy an artist. Don't try to haggle with them about the price. You get what you pay for and a $50 is going to look like a $50 tattoo. So I leave you all with this image and hope it makes you think
bdughi bdughi2 years ago
kid1236 years ago
i would advise against using a guitar string as a needle. they simply arent sanitary, Ive gotten an infection twice from a high e string poking me, and going under my skin. use a sterilized needle.
funwithfire325 (author)  kid1234 years ago
This is to tattoo fruit.
idogis1 kid1236 years ago
isoprophanol dude.
 humana wamana 
were do i get that

Rubbing alcohol.
So are they permanent and where are you suppose to put the ink
these wont be very good and they will fade but if your gonna do this DONT USE NORMAL PEN INK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS THE STUFF THAT KILLS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use indian ink
pandaboy2925 years ago
i made one like it. i  just took the brush off and put a guitar strig in an eraser. it works awesome.
jodaz956 years ago
what ink is it???
tom irons6 years ago
nice guns! hey upload your tattoos to grimycharms.com when you have them done and taken a picutre!
gurat6 years ago
but the tattoos are permanent or temporarily, just like a hena tattoo?
permanent and PAINFUL
mspark4006 years ago
Nice simple idea. I made it and I have been tattooing fruit all day! cheers, Mspark 400
CarStalkerZ6 years ago
i had one of those tooth brushes yester day but itook it apart
nkosi7 years ago
Tattoo needles are really cheap-$1-$3 dollars on the internet. Just cut to size. Better than a quitar string, and has a better point.
ifly7 years ago
i need help with knowing how to put the eraser in and then after i tape it up i still the string wont go up or down
golfer123457 years ago
ive seen this befor in a vido
i would not suggest heating the tape and wrapping it around all the way in case the needle thing messes up u can change it faster
coldheart7 years ago
no no no never ever ever let the needle go so far in that the ink goes into your blood stream, your aiming for just under the skin layers its a skill to get it just right, thats why people go to tattoo shops, if you make this it should be for fun and to try on fruit or a leg of pork. real ink should be done by an artist after much thinking. not being a kill joy just as someone who spent thousands having ink removed that seemed like a good idea at the time :)
Prison tats ! My brother, yes he is a felon, has a bunch of tats done the same way...
mikeasaurus7 years ago
My brain tells me that every time I read an instructable about tattoo guns that it's the most insane thing. Yet, like a train wreck I can't look away.
Chefboy63827 years ago
You do know this is a machine right? a gun shoots a bullet. a motor that powers a needle would be classified as machine.
Try practicing on a grape fruit...I know a few tattoo artists who use them, apparently the skin is pretty similar to ours.
i made a tatt gun ible too, but mine is ONLY FOR FRUIT (disclaimer) i havnt tried grapefruit, but food colouring on bannanas looks pretty cool lol
ouch! omg ... id never do this myself. -lol n theres how ppl get tattoos in jail :-P
funwithfire325 (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
pyro137 years ago
Well done, if i'm correct, this is a spinning motion tattoo gun right? what kind of ink is that? because some inks can be toxic when in your blood stream. i use food coloring because it is guaranteed non-toxic, and is available to me for cheep. Why a guitar string and not a sowing needle or something?
funwithfire325 (author)  pyro137 years ago