Picture of Airsoft Equipment
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Step 1: Have Your Gear

Picture of Have Your Gear
Have your gear!

Step 2: Be Ready And Have Extra Gadgets

Picture of Be Ready And Have Extra Gadgets
A guy could sneak behind you without you knowing it! That's why you have to have the gadgets!

Step 3: Accessories & Equipment

Picture of Accessories & Equipment
If you don't have protection your guns will collect dust and get jammed. You need accessories incase a part brakes.
MagicHonda1 year ago
Is that airsoft sniper rifle worth buying, because I'm thinking about buying one off amazon or a online airsoft store.

I got the gun off Amazon, and with some proper upgrades, I got mine to pass 500+ fps and I can shoot a 250' shot with no problem.

saltlife_for_life (author) 1 year ago
I do but it broke and I just fixed it
Why do you have an m4 ris and a collapsible stock if you dont have an m4
srt valor1 year ago
Hey I just got that sniper and I have a cheap g36c haha but try to invest in full metal guns because right now I have that sniper a kwa vector and a kwa m116
MagicHonda2 years ago
Dude that's so cool, my brother and I have some of that stuff, but your automatic airsoft gun, the one in the first picture is weak and not worth $100. I bought the same one from academy, so I returned it and bought a 375 fps one from Walmart for the same price and its way better than that one. Even know that it was from Walmart. But still you still have pretty sweet airsoft equipment.
saltlife_for_life (author) 2 years ago
Thank you!
Nice sniper