Picture of Airsoft Game Types

In this instructable you will find many different types of airsoft games, some you already know and some you may not know because I made them up.

P.S. On all game types you make up the  rules, such as how many hits to die, time limit, score limit, etc.
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Step 1: TDM

Picture of TDM
This is probably the most commonly played airsoft game type ever, for those of you who don't know tdm stands for team death match, two teams fight each other until all the players on one team are eliminated.

Step 2: CTF

Picture of CTF
This is probably the second most common game type, ctf standing for capture the flag. In this game type there are two teams each team has a flag, (or other object in absence of flags) the other team has to capture the flag and bring it back to their flag, the first team to reach the score limit wins.

Step 3: President

Picture of President
Another common game type, in the "president' game type there is one player who is the "president" the "president" gets half the players to protect him and be his bodyguards, the rest of the players get to be assassins who try to kill the" president" if the president gets shot the game is over and the assassins win, if the president successfully gets to a designated location without getting shot or the assassins are eliminated than the "president's" team wins.

P.S. Give the pres. and his bodyguard a few minutes to hide before starting the game.
seth.eyles25 days ago

"One in the Chamber"

This is a free for all game me and my friends made up, you start with 1 bullet in your clip.

If you shot someone you get 1 bullet back in your clip but if you miss and you're out of bullets you must make contact with their torso or neck with a fake knife or your cellphone if your low on knives. A knife kill also puts another bullet in your clip so you can just go around knifing people and hoarding bullets (if you like).

One in the chamber is a simple but very suspenseful game that leads to a lot of head to head conflict.

runamazondry5 months ago


runamazondry5 months ago

Heres a list of the best 7 game types

taylorkingct6 months ago

"Base intrusion"

Player limit

Red(attack team)2 medics 1-5 snipers 1-10 Assault(Any weapons) 1 Spy(silenced spring pistol with bayonet or knife and has 1 hint of being a enemy if hes carrying these weapons and acting strange)

Blue(Defense team)10-19 one Base commander to command team

Blue will need to defend a base with Intel/suitcase in a random room and also a spy in it and red must rather Push in quickly and put heavy assault on them or let the spy kill the BC(Base commander)to make the soldiers not know what to do Now onto the mapping any area that at least has a huge area of space for the base you can rather have a open base(no walls buildings just like camping) or a closed base(small walls tents and barracks) its a mix of TDM and CTF

Heres some tips:Push in from rather back or front

----------------------Smarts are more important always have a strategy

----------------------last one always be defensive and protective about your Intel and -----------------------teammates

also to prevent any confussion the 19 part is the team the base commander is the +1 to the team so 20 players

Slash558 months ago

I have a great game to play. It is called trouble in terrorist town. To play this game you need at least 3 players and a deck of cards, also your weapons but that's obvious. So you need to get one red face card, one red Ace, and how ever many other people get black cards. Shuffle the cards and hand them out. Make sure no one see's your card. hold onto the card until the end of the round. The red face card is a traitor they want to try and kill the other players. The red Ace card is a detective the detective can ask one player if he/she is the traitor. the rest of the players are innocents these players want to witness the murders and kill the traitor. the round will end after all innocents and detective are killed or when the traitor is killed. this game is a lot of fun and really shows whether or not you actually trust your friends.

Another we play is "monkey in the middle". You need 3 or more players. The more the better. For explanation I'll have 8 players.
1: pick 2 teams of 2 "runners". Have them start at opposing ends of he field and look at the outer boundaries till the game is started so the others have time to hide.
2: players not picked for runners are "hiders". Hiders will have a minuet or so to hide between the two running teams. Hiders must sit and wait to be revived and can not fire till revived.
3:after the minuet to hide, start game. Runners must eliminate the opposing team while reviving hiders to fight for them.
4: play either till one team is dead or the fun way, "virus" rules.

Virus rules:
Unlimited 10second touch revives. Anyone can revive anyone. Red team can revive blue team, vice versa. When reviving someone, tell them what team you play for at that time. After the revive, that player is on your team. Play till all is one team (goes faster than you think).

We throw monkey in the middle in as a game "mod" when we have an odd number of players also. The hiders can be a big game changer.
Our group came up with "rouge agent". It takes some time to set up but it's fun as hell! You need at least 4 players on each team for the best games, a timer and a deck of playing cards.
1. Pick 2 teams ( red and blue)
2. Have a deck of cards. If you have four players on each team take out three numbered cards and one face card.
3. Have each member from red team approach blue to pick one card randomly, look at it, show it to blue team and give it back to blue in a used card pile. Do not show or discuss cards with your own team! Shuffle the cards after all of red team has picked and repeat for blue team.
4. The ones who picked a face card are the rouge agents. They actually play for the team they were NOT picked for.

Rouge rules:
Set a time (5min works great).at the end of the time "rouge switch" is called, at which point the rouges may eleminate players from the team they were picked for and announce who the other rouge is.

Rouges do not want to eleminate players from the team they were not picked for except the other rouge. After rouge switch is called, rouges play for opposing team. Ex. Red rouge plays for blue team.

Rouges know who eachother are and may go after eachother befor time is called, but you may not announce who they are until time is called.

Non rouge rules:
Those with numbered cards are normal players and do not switch sides after the allotted time.

Only Normal players may eleminate the rouge on their team at ANY time during the game. Ex. you are red team and you see someone red trying to eliminate blues rouge, they may be the rouge on red team, Take em out!

Play till on team is eleminated.
We play with one 10second touch revives for all. We some times have one extra number card for each team for the possibility of no rouge on one of both teams.
I always love to play Zombie, Hostage Rescue, and Man Hunt Airsoft games.

TheMargox272 years ago
Red Rover (lack of a better name):
Two equal teams, one wearing red bandannas, the other wearing blue.
If a player of the red team gets hit, he must now put on a blue bandanna, and vice versa.
The object is to get every player to join one team, and the game is over once everyone has joined the same team.

Never played it before, but it sounds fun. BTW, thanks for the ideas Slayerfan666!
zeel512 years ago
I like to play Night Ops.
it is basically CTF but with glowsticks and its at night. it is best to wear dark clothing so you will be camoflauged
littl3d00d2 years ago
My friends and i came up with a recon/hostage game where it was a odd number of attacking vs the defending. so there would be 1 hostage and the attacking team knew where they were but the defending team didnt know where the were coming from and we played in a junk yard so it was easy to hide the hostage. so to make it kinda even we only played with 9 people so there was 3 attacking and needed to use stealth and there was 6 defending who could do what they wanted. we figured it was just better so not everyone was caught up with whos who and so on. so you could either move in and kill everyone or sneak and take 1 out at a time and remove him secretly. you can use vehicles with this method too. we used a car as cover and a exit strategy. if you have any comment please dont feel bothered to add either.
bebru102 years ago
"Silent Threat"

This is a game me and several of my friends play often, and is great for a group of 4-5 people.

This game is designed to be played only at night time.

The game field should have lots of hiding spots and cover (We often play in an apple orchard that also has barns / houses etc.)

One person becomes the 'Silent Threat', They may only have a pistol, and should dress in all black clothing, the pistol should also be black, and single shot (Not automatic).

Everyone else can use any weapons they like, however they may NOT dress in dark clothing. All of the other players must also wear Sun Glasses / Shades. Very low powered flash lights are recommended

The Silent Threat gets a 5 minute lead to go hide out into the playing area, if he can kill off all of the other players he wins, if they can kill him the other players win.

The reason it can be hard to kill the Silent Threat, is because you are forced into wearing dark shades while also playing at night time, making it very hard for your team to see the other player. The Silent Threat can wear normal glasses for protection and will have full visibility.
hannamitch3 years ago
TDM is the best, this is one of the basic airsoft game types that is commonly played by beginners and experienced players alike.

BbGunShop4 years ago
From all the game types I enjoy playing the most, TDM is by far the best type for me .
ilpug BbGunShop3 years ago
its pretty much all i play.
ilpug3 years ago
Death race is a good game type, in which there is a course, lined with a team of snipers or gun emplacements. a group of people run this course, every man for himself. last man standing or first to the finish line wins.
a fun game type is zombie .it is like alien only at the begenning. zombies have no weapons and are slow head shot only any other shot make the zombie angry making them faster. non zombie gets bit he drops his weapon and becomes a zombie. zombie that bit the non zombie either stops being a zombie and gets the non zombie weapon or gets the weapon but is still a zombie and the game gets harder depending on if there is a time limit. a very good game at dusk (time between night and day) and could go till morning.
hunter383 years ago
Called Illegal Immagrants
You need atleast 3 people
A person with a high powered gun sits in a chair
While the others have no guns but they have to make it the person without being shot( i made this game up my self
lcielo3 years ago
I have an idea but i dont know if you like it,,,,,,,, we and our friends play by our selves and we invented a game on our own. We called it Command&Conquer. There will be two opposing groups. Each team will have a base on their own. and between those base are neutral camps. (The number of camps depends on the range of the field and on the players desires) Each team have a general. The general has the right to command the entire team. (players also can add ranks if they desires) each team should try to conquer the opposing team's base by raising their flag on the flag poles in the base. There are also other ways to win. One is capturing as much as neutral camp until the time is up, then the team with more neutral camp wins. the other way is eliminating the general of the opposing teams. Neutral camps can be use as spawning area at the next round, so the more camps the better. Before action each team can speak to each other to make a strategies and we carry our cellphones or walke talkes to contact the general for further commands. A player should off his communication devises if his hit. We decide the winner by racing to a designated points. I hope you like our own game.
Slayerfan666 (author)  lcielo3 years ago
Very cool, sounds good, I will add it soon.
kve234 years ago
there could also be like save the hostage or something where you have find the hostage in a house full of hostiles and you have to get the hostage to a certain place before time runs shot gets someone out.
Slayerfan666 (author)  kve234 years ago
Ya that sounds good, only I never do cqb, I'll probably add it later.
thanks please post quickly i want others to know of my idea
Slayerfan666 (author)  kve234 years ago
Hi, I have added your game type, please tell me what you think. I elaborated on it a bit, if it is not what you had in mind please tell me and I will fix it.
one thing. i just think it would be cool to have the hostiles have guns and you have to kill them before they kill you.
Slayerfan666 (author)  kve234 years ago
They do, what I meant is the hostages don't have guns.
o ok then its good
Slayerfan666 (author)  kve234 years ago
Cool, thats good.
mucoguy424 years ago
Hahaha Zork is awesome
Slayerfan666 (author)  mucoguy424 years ago
ya it is.

Nice! I've played all of the above, save 'Alien'. Sounds interesting though!
Slayerfan666 (author)  RMConstruction4 years ago
Thanks, I can't remember if I heard of alien somewhere else or if I made it up, lol.
My 800th comment! Thanks!
Slayerfan666 (author)  RMConstruction4 years ago
No problem is this 801 or 802 or 803?
801 due to some necessary flagging. Would be 804...
Slayerfan666 (author)  RMConstruction4 years ago