The sound of gunfire rings in your ears, you're outnumbered 3 to 1 and surrounded, but hidden. The odds are not good... for them. You draw your sniper rifle and screw on your very own silencer, pushing through bushes you aim at one guy with a fully automatic and fire, the whistling of the BB is heard and your target clutches their chest where they were shot. 1 down, two to go.

Before you start (this part is kind of long but I promise you that the rest won't take nearly as long)
Now, before you start please note that there are a few types of guns that cannot be silenced without extreme measures or internal modifications so shoot your gun and listen to it first.
Does it sound like an electronic noise (IE something hitting something else, the grinding of gears, or the running of a motor, ect)
if yes then your gun needs a full body silencer, I will not make a tutorial on how to make this without first doing more research on it so make sure than the noise from your gun is the noise of gasses escaping or popping of air release.

One more thing before we start, Do you have access to a tool shed or workshop? There are two types of silencer, one is the Ghetto Silencer which you'll find in most places, the other is a more professional silencer that can actually be used to silence real pistols. The other is much better so if you think you have the tools and materials you may want to follow the half of the instructions labeled "Professional"
(please note none of the pictures taken are of or from me, I just went Via google)

Step 1: All Your Cotton or Tennis Balls Are Belong to Me :P

You'll need some household materials, and your gun. One or two pop cans, a long sturdy tube of some sort(a stray is not recommended due to it being so flimsy), lots of cotton, and some scissors, possibly a kitchen knife. oh and tape, a full roll of tape

Two sizes of PVC Piping(one should be able to fit inside the other with room to spare and the smaller one should be able to wrap around the barrel of your airsoft gun), A sheet of flexible metal or another type of rigid material that can be used to cap off the end of the PVC piping, A drill with a smallish bit, about a billion tennis balls if you want to suppress the more powerful guns but some cotton or other fluffy sound absorbing material will do for weaker guns, a hot glue gun or other type of glue/material that will be able to connect your smaller PVC to your airsoft barrel, and finally a hacksaw(preferably a hacksaw, but I suppose another type of saw would work so long as it can cut your PVC).
One thing you didn't mention was the 20:1 ratio of silencer volume to barrel volume if you maintain a minimum of 20:1 you will see a much greater success rate
Very cool! Thanks for sharing :)

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