Airsoft Grenade





Introduction: Airsoft Grenade

This will teach you how to make a good and effective airsoft grenade

Step 1: The Materials

You need an empty bottle, a paper towel, baking soda, any kind of vinegar, and BB's

Step 2: The Grenade

First you fill a quarter of the bottle up with vinegar. Then you put 3 spoonfuls of baking soda on the paper towel, and wrap it up so that it will fit through the bottle cap and put it in. Finally you add as many BBs as you want and shake it 10-15 times and then chuck it. It should explode!!!!!



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5 Discussions

Does it actually work?? I made one before reading this but without a bottle, instead a plastic bag. You could use a balloon also!!!!!!!

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If you're going to use a balloon, I suggest a half inflated water balloon so that it is less noticeable. Heck, you could even use one of the grenade designs for even more efect.

try using vinegar its louder and faster to explode also increases range