Picture of Airsoft Grenade Launcher(just For Looks)
14, 6:45 AM.jpg
This is my airsoft grenade launcher, when I'm playing airsoft I like to shoot with my hands parallel, so I created this bad boy, I didn't really think to make a tutorial till it was half done.....please comment
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Step 1: Cardboard Model

Picture of Cardboard Model
14, 6:45 AM.jpg

Step 2: Plaster

Picture of Plaster
14, 6:45 AM.jpg
14, 6:45 AM.jpg
14, 6:45 AM.jpg

Step 3: Paint

Picture of Paint
Derpthetroll3 months ago
Cool. It would probably look smoother if you sanded the plaster though.
treeman7783 months ago
Cool but how did u do it all
hunter9996 months ago

Wow! That looks great :-)

War pig (author)  hunter9996 months ago
Thanks man!!!