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    Sorry but u don't use a shotgun as a primary fool i would own you on the field

    2 replies

    Well, I'm just saying this is my loadout of choice. And if you are smart on the field you would own with any gun

    Yes I understand that but I'm saying why use a shotgun for primary when u have an aeg instead

    True but like I have said if you are smart, you could own with any gun

    my dads in the army so we have one.

    your forgot the eye protection!!!!

    You don't eat Gum. That's kinda bad for you.

    3 replies

    You chew it, you don't eat it.

    heloo mr arding

    It's good to have original pictures, some other, no most other airsoft guides have been dire. But you do need to be showing a "made or done". Showing your stuff isn't the same as teaching people how to do something.
    What airsoft needs is tactics, the things you know that give you the advantage.


    5 replies

    i am sick and ******* tired of all of these airsoft guides, that , although they have some information, they dont help overmuch. I have been playing airsoft for eight years and have all kinds of gear and guns. I have even won medals and professional matches. im going to make an airsoft ible that will kill all the rest. LET IT BE KNOWN FAR AND WIDE!!! im not knocking this ible specifically, just all of them. The information in this one would be better shown by just posting a question titled "would anyone like to see my guns+airsoft kit? with images of them. nice pumpkin, btw.

    There is a pattern, like "zombie guides", it's an enthusiasm for airsoft expressed as that, rather than a make or do.


    yeah, these people should shoot their load about how much they like airsoft in the forums, not with ibles...

     Well, when I was thinking this out, I meant for it to be used by newcomers to airsoft who didn't have a clue about choosing guns or not just that but having something to guide them on the basics of airsoft.

    Like the other guy said, a lot of people do this and they're not often much different (they tend to usually lift pictures of people with real guns off the internet and stuff...) What people rarely do is take pictures of their set-ups in the field, you might get something novel with "how to organise / set up for". Bunkers, watchtowers that sort of thing.


     I personally like this airsoftible, not the best I've seen but I still like it.