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Hi, this is a good guide for airsoft, as i'am an experienced airsoft player. 
usually airsoft is a very very fun game. (unless you are shot in the face point blank)
You should practice daily to get good, moving a couple yards away from the target every 
bulls eye. (or every day of practice) Usually, I buy from but if you have a paintball 
and airsoft store, with high end guns such as KWA and Echo one guns. I just bought a Vector arms echo one. 
Also I suggest that you get full metal guns and guns that are under 425$...  (unless you buy a systema)

Step 1: Buying an High End Air-soft

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Decide if you want to be a sniper, shotgunner, pointman, rifleman and a heavygunner.

I recommend getting a HIGH end air-soft from these groups:

Echo 1






Theses are the best, JG and Echo 1 are clone guns with different prices and

Step 2: Customizing Your Gun

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Most people like to customize there gun, so, here is a list of good customizations.

Tracer units
Extra mags
red dots sights
All of these can be found at evike.

Then there are Internal Customizations.
Such as better springs
Motors ( for M4s,MP5s,M16, use long type motor. For AKs,G36,Thompson,Aug, use small type motor . For SIG552, use medium type motor.)

Step 3: Batteries (for High End Guns)

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(Batteries! If you upgrade your motor use a 9.6v for best performance) O.o

There are many types of batteries such as:

Long stick type
Short stick type
Nunchuk type

and other custom batteries.

Step 4: BBs

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BBs usually are the cause of your gun breaking...(unless you get a hyper grade-match grade bbs.)

I suggest that you use matrix BBs off of evike, because there 0.20s are 11 bucks for 5000. 
anyway, don't let bb's prices get you because they can be cheaper at other places or different

Then there are glow in the dark bbs(get matrix glow in the dark bbs)
those are for simulation and they require tracer units. 

Step 5: Magizines

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Buying magazines are the best (not really)

There are hicap mags

mid cap mags

and low cap mags

I suggest you use hicap for best performance.   
If you have alot of money buy alot of extra mid caps because when your out of ammo, just switch to the other

Step 6: Ask Me If You Don't Know About a Gun

DONT BE SHY I dont BITE. so just ask!


CalebH8 (author)2015-09-15

Pretty good guide. My guide is a whole lot longer, but you pretty much got AEG stuff in a nutshell. A lot of your stuff is opinion though.

dr. richtofen (author)2012-04-28

Actually, there are WAY better guides out here. This guide lacks to much info


whats so bad about it:(

It's too incomplete

xXCaedXx (author)dr. richtofen2015-06-30

It's perfect...I probably could not have made a better one. He is very detailed in his descriptions and explain actions of everything he says and give his personal points while giving from other sources.


bmunoz1 (author)2014-03-16

I would just like to add that goldenball bb's are extremely high quality and run a bit cheaper. This is what I use and I am an experienced airsofter.

xXCaedXx (author)bmunoz12015-06-30

Golden balls are great!

REA (author)2014-05-08

I know it's an old post, but I want to get into competitive airsoft (or atleast join in some rounds locally). Would buying a used airsoft gun on eBay be good for a beginner on a budget?

xXCaedXx (author)REA2015-06-30

I would not suggest it. I had a friend who did just that and things turned out bad for him. He ended up wasting a lot of money on a piece of crap gun.

BoogieWipes (author)REA2014-05-12

It really depends on the gun you would be buying. But I recommend or both supply great guns for good prices.

xXCaedXx (author)BoogieWipes2015-06-30

I totally agree.

whaaat7 (author)2013-08-17

What about a Echo1 Troy M-4

BoogieWipes (author)whaaat72013-08-27

Thats a good gun.

blacksmithsurvial (author)2012-05-01

I do a lot of airsoft and I love going all sam fisher and poping bbs whith my upgarded (whith 9v battery and other thing like acog) whith my pulse m74 by crossman (I know they suck) but whith upgrade it rocks but I need a better gun thats silent and has a silcencer and a pretty good fps what do you reamend?

Well, what price range do you have? and what kind of gun do you want?(Ak,m4, ect.)

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