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In this instructable i will be turnining my old m9 airsoft pistol into a coil gun that shoots small nails with an electro magnetic field from a coil. :)

Step 1: Some of the Matterials

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You will definitely need these materials to make the coil gun.
1 coil around a aluminum airsoft barrel
1 switch
4 capacitors or as many as you want

Step 2:

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To make the coil I got an airsoft gun barrel and wrapped a thin wire around it for about 5 to 10 minutes. When I was done winding I twisted the end wire and the beginning wire together.

Step 3:

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I taped the coil so it would be secure and also twisted two larger wires to the coil wires.

Step 4:

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Then I put the coil and barrel into the slide of the airsoft gun where the barrel was originally.

Step 5:

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To do the capacitors I wired them in parallel.

Step 6:

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Stick the wires attached to the coil out of the small hole below the hole on top. Then put the slide back on without ruining anything on the inside.

Step 7:

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Tape the capacitors to the bottom front of the gun. I saw nowhere else to put them.

Step 8:

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Attach one wire coming out of the small hole in the slide to one wire on the capacitors that are in parallel.

Step 9:

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Attach the button to the two remaining wires. Then on the two wires on the capacitors in parallel attach an extra 2 wires that will be for charging the capacitors. I made those wires yellow

Step 10:

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Attach the button to the trigger and you are finished. Now when you charge the two yellow wires and press the button the capacitors will discharge and the coil in the slide will make a short electromagnetic field shooting any small metal object out of the barrel.

Step 11:

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Thank your for viewing my instructable. I have no way to charge this yet but it is tested with 20 volt batteries. If you made this please comment a link to a video so I can see this shoot with lots of voltage:) thx


K_Schmit (author)2017-02-25

Super cool instructable! Is there anyway you can let me know the total capacitance of your circuit? I am trying to fit my capacitors in the magazine of an old airsoft gun. Thanks!

John_Singleton_ (author)K_Schmit2017-02-26

I dont think i know the capacity of all the capacitors but i do know that when they release their charge 850 volts is discharged

SeanM124 (author)2016-10-21

This is really cool! Favorited!

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