This actually works!!! Only for the Crossman c11 airsoft gun though. When the C02, as well as the BB is shot through the barrel the excess gas is absorbed in the silencer reducing the sound and making it sound much cooler.

Step 1: Materials

What You Will Need

Spray paint (any color)
60ml bottle
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Roll
4'' Long hollow plastic or metal tube (must be able to fit snug into the neck of the bottle)
13/64'' drill bit
5/8'' drill bit
Small skiny object like a pen cartridge or a dowel
<p>The question I ask is what's the best pistol to use this with out of these</p><p>http://airsoftaid.com/the-best-airsoft-pistols-for-2016/</p>
Yeah....this don't work. Smh.
This would be cool, if it wasn'r ILLEGAL!!! (Home made silencers are illegal, look it up!)
for airsoft IT IS LEAGAL in america anyways......
*wasn't <br>I didn't mean to hate on your project. Its cool and all, but I felt that other users needed a fair warning.
100% correct. Registered silencers are legal in some States. Some States have made all silencers illegal. A homehade silencer, though a toy, is still legally classified as a.silencer. penalties can be up to 10 years in federeal prison, as no distinction is made between toy and real, as if the silenced reduces the sound at all, it is considered a real silenced, and the maker can suffer fill legal consequences if caught. Use common sense when using airworthiness guns, though a toy, they are very realistic, do not ever paint over theorange cap to make the gun &quot;cooler&quot;, that is also a felony. Above all, most kids nowadays with airworthiness arenot.mature enough and do very stupid things, which then get posted to youtube where law enforcement can track people down for unsafe or illegal. BEhavior.use common sense people, guns aren't toys, even if they aren't lethal
Isn't this for airsoft?
i kno rite?
IDK where you live but in wisconsin this is LEGAL! The following link apllies to both real firearms as well as fake ones like airsoft. Besides, it cant be illegal since most of the sites that sell airsoft guns sell silencers as well. I could understand your point if this was a real silencer to silence a REAL fire arm. But even then were I live this is LEGAL. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071026063433AAszfQV
Now wait, I didn't say having a registered silencer was illegal, but a home made silencer is a different story. I'm pretty sure HOME MADE silencers are illegal. But then again, it's not a real gun.
Homemade silencers are legal as long as they are registered.<br>And airsoft silencers... no one's going to care as long as you aren't walking around outside in public with it
Does anybody really care if they are or aren't? It's not like you would be showing off your awesome firearms off to a cop anytime soon, that's like asking to get shot
Just like in Shooter (2007)
this is cool im posting this comment because i should be studying for a science test but im looking at airsoft on instructables.&nbsp; Also this is really cool its the first airsoft silencer on here that actually works overall great instructable and idea. 5 stars