This Instructable will tell you about different kinds of airsoft guns, what they are good for, and what to buy. It will also teach you multiple games. Enjoy!

Step 1: Selecting Your Weapon

There are 7 different types of airsoft guns

--Electric assault rifles (M16, M4, STG) Usually around 300-400 fps (feet per second)
--Electric sub-machine guns (Thompson, Mp5, MP40) Usually around 300-350 fps
-- Spring rifles (M14, M4, Dragunov) Usually around 330-450 fps
-- Shotguns (single-shot, multi-shot) usually around 300-350 fps
-- Spring pistols (Desert Eagle, Colt, Revolver) Usually around 250-310 fps
-- Electric pistols (Colt, Desert Eagle, Crosman) Usually 200-275 fps
-- Gas guns, I don't own any and have never used one. The only downside is buying gas. Otherwise, they are powerful guns.

For beginners, I recommend a spring rifle. It is easy to maintain, and easy to figure out. I also recommend having a spring pistol. This is handy for when your run out with your main gun. Another good entry gun, is a shotgun, either multi-shot or single. These are good guns that almost never break.

If you really want to, you can buy an electric gun. These are expensive though, and have more breakable parts. That is why I prefer the spring gun. It is cheap and reliable. But if you do buy an electric gun, I would recommend buying a universal smart charger as well. This way, you can't overcharge the battery and ruin your gun (like I did with my first one).

And please, don't buy a gun case. They are more expensive than the guns below.

The pictures are of some recommended starter weapons. All except the M16. That is my electric gun.
<p>Pretty good article, I like that you kept most of the weapons at a lower FPS count because a lot of places will regulate how much FPS you can have on your gun.<br><br>My first airsoft guns were all spring (they're slower, but they get the job done). Though I've recently moved up to <a href="http://www.airsoftprep.com/airsoft-guns-airsoft-rifle/" rel="nofollow">airsoft rifles</a> and added a bit more power.</p>
i have that gun! itds awesome, right? At least for beginner!
We only use really high powered guns because we can't feel under about 300 FPS. We've tested it.
I've been trying to find gloves like those. The only ones I have found with knucle gaurds are like $50 plus they have yellowwriting all over them. I prefer fingerless on my trigger hand. allows for smoother operation of triggers and loading mechanisms. Your fingers are protected anyways because they are wrapped around the grip, your fingers aren't vulnerable when holding the grip with a finger on the trigger.
No, not really. A friend had an airsoft party for his most recent birthday, One of our friends had a shotgun like gun and I had my sniper rifle and my firends trigger hand was ripped a part an enemy's AEG. So gross. <br>
Well if that happened your freinds need to learn the rules. We use 250fps or less usually and we have a 20ft minimum no fire zone.
Can painting your gun mess it up?
Its illegal in the UK
It's legal under certain circumstances. <br>If you are VCR exempt (go airsoft 3 times in 2 months to get your exemption certificate) you are allowed to own a &quot;realistic imitation firearm&quot;, so if you had a two tone gun, at that point you could paint it, or if you had a realistic one you could camo it.
That effectively did everything BUT answer my question. Congrats, you deserve a prize.
no it wont un less you get paint on internal componants so iwould try it first on a cheap springer if it still works you've done it right so just get confident at painting them so they still work then try it on An AEG
The tactic you described, having allies loop around them, is called flanking. Also, if you surround them, you DON'T basically have them beat. I refer you to the Battle of Stalingrad. Or was it Leningrad, one of them.
Leningrad &amp; Stalingrad, kinda. Leningrad: Germans surrounded the Soviets, Soviets still win. Stalingrad: Soviets are backed up to the River Volga by the Germans. Soviet reenforces surround Germans. Germans get beat.
I posted this 2 years ago.... <br>And for the sake of clarity, the Soviets inside Stalingrad held off the German seige for a long time before reinforcements made it. But, Russians are awesome anyways lol. It's expected of them.
Yea, i know. I can give you a lesson over an hour long just on stalingrad. I am a history geek, especialy on WWII. 2 of my realitives died in the war.
One of my relatives served, he didn't die. And..He wasn't on the frontlines...But, yeah. I know a lot about the war, too actually.
I'm only 13, so a lot of people in my school are either amazed or stunned by how much i know. It's good to know about that stuff, i believe.
I'm 15. But I've known essentially as much now as before. I think it's good to know, too. Granted, I'm not so much a numbers-and-figures guy as a...Well, I like firearms. I know about that era of firearms. Maybe I should do some research on the planes..My great-grandfather was an engineer, he repaired Lancasters.
4 served, 2 died. 1 died in the Pacific, the other in France or Germany, but i think Germany. So, if your relative repaired Lancasters, he was a British soldier, right?
I don't know actually. My family is from Britain and the UK in general, but we were here in Canada by the war. So I don't know if he was RCAF or RAF, but he did serve in Britain, of course. I've got his medals somewhere. There's a picture of his whole crew in front of a Lancaster, and I don't actually remember what medal he was given...But I do know my great great grandfather served and died at Vimy. But that's a different war.
Where was Vimy? And thank you for sharing this with me.
France. Vimy Ridge. Much more contested in the first world war. Brits couldn't take it. French couldn't take it. Canadians? Hell yes we could, haha.
The Allies owe a buttload of WWI &amp; WWII success to the Canadians.
We were called Stormtroopers. Canada's always overlooked because we decided to not develop nukes.
That aint bad, just peacful.
Oh, I know. Personally I kind of hope we've got something hidden away though, considering the other powers have all got nukes coming out of various orifices lol.
I wanna be a soldier, but i still prefer peace. I'd bet Canada has nukes. She's considered a 2nd super-power. Maybe they don't got that many nukes or none at all becuase they're trying to develop even better weapons.
I'm the same on that count. And I hope, we've got tons of uranium, that's where the States got it all for their bombs.
That'd be a butload of money for Canada, all that selling. Though i DO no that the U.S.A. got a lot of uranium out of Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Washington.
Ontario's got a bunch of uranium, too. All the uranium for the Manhattan Project came out of Canada.
Sure bout that? Maybe a lot, but I know a handful came out of Washington.
I'm generalizing a bit, but if we can rely on Wikipedia for this info, (which I rust for general-knowledge subjects) then it would appear that the only uranium from within the States was from Colorado, and that only 810 tonnes lol. It says the States bought Canadian uranium in 100 tonne lots. Although it doesn't say how much was purchased in total -.-<br>Well, at the very least we can say that Canada played a large part in developing atomic bombs, and then we pussied out of making them, lol.
Im gonna ask you trust me on this. I live in the states, and i have around 30 realitives in service. I know a lot of uranium was in Washington, becuase my step-grandpa worked there. And you are right, Canada helped. Canadians=Awesome.
Hm, well then our teacher's need to get their stuff straight, because we got shown a video in history class that said most of it came from Northern Ontario. I guess the history lessons are a bit biased on both sides of the border lol. I've heard you guys get taught that you won the War of 1812, haha.
Nah, we didnt win that. Yall Canadian British did. Besides, dont teachers always try to make their country look so much better tor make it look like it did something so much cooler then it did? Mine are. That might just be a oregon thing. I dont no.
Hm, yeah they usually do. Although I liked history this year anyways, actually relevant stuff, haha. 1900-almost present.
I like history. Study the mongols quite a bit. Fan of the Celts to. Part Celtic descendant (no, you can't be part Celticc, but you can be part Celtic descendant). Also, I LOVE studying Russia and the U.S.A.
I wish I had the ambition to study Europe, all through from the establishment of Rome through...Everything. Europe's government and territorial stuff is so complicated back then though, haha.
I actually dont like Rome that much. Celts vs. Romans (which did happen) Me= Go Celts!!!! Sides, studyin crap aint no hard.
Ahh, how can you not vote for the Romans? One of the largest empires ever lol. And Rome was founded by 2 guys raised by a wolf! Or so the legend goes...<br>And I've just got the desire to know, but not the ambition to study :P
Ive heard the legend. &amp; im just not a big fan of rome. the Celtic empire was bigger in landmass. If you count the medditareanean for the Romans controlled area, rome was bigger. However, Celts controlled more land. Besides, im Celtic descendant.
Really? Hm. You never hear about the Celts, it's always the Roman Empire or the British Empire. And apparently the Celtic Empire ruled a big chunk of Europe, and came before the rise of the Romans. But they were taken over by Rome, let's not forget lol. Rome stretched from the middle east, Palestine and that, into Britain, and of course you've got to account for their Mediterranean area lol. I'm also of Celtic descent, I guess. Irish and British, anyways.
Becuase your British, Scotish, or Irish doesnt mean youre your Celtic descent, its a seperate blood line. Secondly, The Celts were AWESOME!!!! You rarely hear about them, but they tormented Rome for over 200 years. Also, i know where Rome ruled. Im more into studying the Ottoman Turks, Celts, Mongolians, and Russians.
Well there never was a country they belonged to, it was more of just a..cultural shift, according to the internet places I've checked lol. And it seems you really hate the Romans xP Except for Russians, I'm pretty sure the other 3 didn't like Rome much.
They loved to go to war back then, lol.
So true. Espeacily the Mongols and Celts they was very war-like.
it was Stalingrad :P
Airsoft4ever, good guide, but what about mil-sil? Two or more teams set up forts, say like in BLM land. The objective is to catch the enemy fort. Shot once in the stomach, back, or chest, you go back to your fort. If your at your fort, you raise your gun, yell nuetralized, and stay like that for 6 minutes. If your fort is lost to the enemy team, you have to play a game of guerilla tactics or surrender. Trenches make this game better. You have scouts, special forces, engineers, shock troopers, storm troopers, and defenders.
Guerilla warfare.
you noob, that's an M4, not a M16

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