Introduction: Airsoft Guns

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Hello everyone this instructable will give you a basic guide with airsoft guns.

Step 1: Choosing a Gun

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This is a airsoft ak47 it is an aeg (auto electric gun) it runs on a rechargeable battery these are good for beginners
as  it is a assult rifle.

Step 2: M16/m4

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these are also very good for beginners as they are assult rifles and yet again a AEG these are my favourite.

Step 3: SMG

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now these are the sort you would use for a secondary weapon amazingly this type (a mp5) has the same power as the m4.

Step 4: Shotguns

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shotguns are a alternative weapon they are powerful but relatively slow firing.

Step 5:

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secondary weapons these are extremely immportant beacause they are in place if your main weapon screws up.

Step 6: Miniguns

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umm maybe later mom just gonna shoot everyone in the town man these are powerful aw only 6000 rounds per minute
wont do any harm will it?


Ranie-K (author)2011-12-02

Are ANY of these pictures yours?

highvoltageguy (author)Ranie-K2011-12-05

no why do you ask if your that bothered i will take one or two

ok now?

Ranie-K (author)highvoltageguy2011-12-07

Not really

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