Airsoft LAW Rocket Launcher Tutorial Video





Introduction: Airsoft LAW Rocket Launcher Tutorial Video

This is my law rocket instruction video. Works great for airsoft and scenario paintball games. This is non-combustion, that means no flames, no explosion. Just expanding gas. Background music Artist: Gorillaz "19-2000 (Soul Child Remix)



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    I recently finished mine and it worked perfectly about 3 the grenade acts like it doesn't have enough power to shoot the I used another grenade...same result...any ideas?

    Sweet 'Ible, nice music.

    Do you know where i can get some pocket vortexes? they were discontinued in 2004 and while they are on ebay, strangely the 'howler' footballs are much cheaper. However, I dont know if the whistles on the sides wll interfere...what d you think?
    Also, i made my law with a copper tube of the outside and shaped copper for the locking mech and the rod guides, and i added a sight. thx for the help

    i saw some pocket vortex at my local Target summer 2010 (i knew they r discontinued so I was quite surprised). The Howlers will work too.

    it looks bent

    which one? the part 2 video was my first attempt so it was not perfect. The tutorial video was the 4th launcher i built so I had perfected the process. That 4th one was fairly straight and smooth.