Step 8: Control Box and Locking Mechanism

Picture of Control Box and Locking Mechanism
Figure a way to make some sort of control box on top of the outer tube. I used sections of a 1 inch square pine dowel. I epoxied it to the top and reenforced with more fiberglass and felt.

Once the epoxy cures, paint your choice of colors.

EDIT: Picture 2 & 3 - The Locking mechanism (13 seconds into the video)

This is a strip of plastic glued to the side of the launcher.
Nothing special needs to be purchased. Look around your house/environment for a strip of plastic at least 1/8 of an inch thick and about 3 inches long. It needs to flex without breaking. Look around and use creativity and imagination.

Drill a hole on one end for the screw in STEP 6 to go in to. Glue the strip of plastic to the side of the tube in such a way that when the launcher is extended the screw goes into the hole in the plastic. put a layer of fiberglass, felt or duct tape to make sure the plastic does not come off or shift (see the green square in picture 2). a flexible strip of metal will work too.

Edit: People still don't get how to make locking mechanism. I still get messages about it. I think the trouble is people are trying to make it more complex than it really is. The rule is K.I.S.S. Here is a video of the locking mechanism.

what is the greenish tape stuff?and where can i find it?
MrTinkerer (author)  airsoftchase4 years ago
Green self adhesive felt.
What is the locking mechanism for is it to hold the metal bar in place?
MrTinkerer (author)  pablotheillegaltaco4 years ago
no. It is to lock the tube in the extended position.
the blocks on top are 1inch, 2inch,and 4inches right? they are your control box right?
Bonadas5 years ago
Hi Can you help me and explain what is the Proflex shielded coupler used for? it's because I am portuguese and i cannot understand what is that so i was wondering if you can help me because i wanna but that piece i dont no the name of that in portuguese. Thank you.
How do you form the fibreglass over the trigger to make the control box? This could be a dumb question, but I havent worked with fibreglass cloth before and I'm unsure how to go about making the control box.
tg4566 years ago
does it have to be velvet or could i use duct tape
MrTinkerer (author)  tg4566 years ago
I never said anything about using "velvet". I have stated in the video to use duct tape.
red_october6 years ago
wow you have a very creative mind in order to think of something this big(project wise not the actual size) but i have a question i read about how to make the locking mechanism what exzactly do you need to do? do you need to drill a hole into the inner tube so that when it gets extended it locks itself in or what becuase it was very confusing
MrTinkerer (author)  red_october6 years ago
Hi. Thanks. OK, this is how I did it. other methods are possible.

Go back to step 6. Step Six is needed because without it when you extended the tube, without the screw the inside tube will pull out completely.

Now, the locking mechanism "Captures" the screw in Step 6.
MrTinkerer (author)  MrTinkerer6 years ago
I have created crude animated pictures of how the locking mechanism works. Instructables does not seem to play nice with animated gifs so please click on the link I provided. if this still does not explain it for people then I do not know how else I can describe it...
geoffpeplau6 years ago
do we need that locking mechanism and if we do how do we make it?
MrTinkerer (author)  geoffpeplau6 years ago
Please review Step 6. Then review picture 2 & 3 of Step 7. The locking mechanism is required because without it when you push the trigger forward the launcher wants to collapse. The locking mechanism is a piece of flexible plastic. Please see my edits in Step 7.