Airsoft Machine Gun Sniper Rifle DIY PVC Blowgun





Introduction: Airsoft Machine Gun Sniper Rifle DIY PVC Blowgun

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Airsoft Machine Gun Sniper Rifle DIY PVC Blowgun

In this video, I will show you how to make this awesome airsoft gun powered by your lungs.

It has quick change clips for fast reloading, And for its simplicity, it is quite powerful.

It looks like a sniper rifle, and it shoots like a machine gun.

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I first started with a previous project, my PVC Marshmallow Sniper Rifle. This is a fun toy to have and fairly easy to assemble.

I first pulled the connections apart where the blow pipe attaches to the T-connector. The T-connector is now getting replaced with a 4-way connector. This will allow our reloading clips to connect quickly. I will show how to make those in a moment.

Before putting the 4-way in place, I first had to roll up some paper and wedge it in the pipe at the front of the stock. This is to prevent any pellets from rolling backwards into the stock.

I next measured the length from the front edge of the blow pipe to the end of the barrel. This is about 17 inches

To make this gun work with airsoft pellets, I needed a much smaller tube inside of the PVC. The simplest way is to use a 5/16 inch metal brake line. These can be picked up at your local auto parts store for a few dollars.

The 17 inch measurement would make the brake line even with the end of the PVC but I will be adding a coupling to the end of the barrel so I used a small pipe cutter to trim the brake line to 18 inches.

The brake line needs to be centered in the PVC, so I wrapped it with some paper at the inlet side which will center it and prevent pellets from finding there way down the side of the barrel. I then carefully wedged the brake line in place from the back. The front of the barrel also needs to be centered by wrapping and wedging some paper between it and the PVC.

I thought about using some glue or expanding foam to hold the brake line in place inside the PVC, but that would make it much harder to clean or repair in the future. I love the option for disassembly so I kept it simple.

I then added the coupling on the end of the barrel for that added flare. If you wish, the coupling can be drilled along its sides for an even meaner appearance.

I then reassembled the gun with the 4-way. With this added connection, I wanted to utilize some quick change clips for fast reloading while in battle.

The pocket-sized clips are very simple and can each hold around 150 pellets. For each clip you will need 2 end caps, a 45 degree elbow, a 4-inch pipe, and a 1.5 inch pipe.

I do recommend gluing the all of the connections on the clips except for the pipe that connects to the gun. This will prevent the connections from separating and causing a loss of pellets and time while on the field.

To load a clip, have the shorter pipe facing up and remove the end cap. Then carefully slide it into the 4-way connector and twist it upward. The pellets will slide down the tube into the chamber and are ready to be fired. Now just give a long hard blow into the mouth piece and a stream of pellets will fly out of the barrel.

If the pellets appear to jam inside of the clip or chamber, a quick hard shake should dislodge any jams and allow for continued firing.

Now you can paint your gun any color you would like.

This is an awesome and yet simple way to impress your friends in your backyard and on the airsoft field.

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Have fun and be safe playing.

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you can buy it at lowes or home depot for really cheap. like for 1/2 inch, (which i am assuming is what he uses i really did not read through the entire thing just watched the video) is like 2 dollars USD for like 10 feet of that crap. really cheap and easy to get if you know where to go.

Is there instructions?

What's the range? Looks fun, but some people take Airsoft REALLY seriously. Can this compete with full sized AEGs and Gas guns?

Will this work with Marshmallows if you do just the extra feeder tube?

1 reply

The marshmallows would just get stuck in the feeder tube. If you take out the brakeline, you can feed a marshmallow one at a time.

Thank you for showing me this i am always into crafts and stuff like this please share more

1 reply

If you are playing with friends, then yes. If you are in a tournament, then maybe not. It really depends on your uses.

Ok all I really do is play with friends in my back woods

It really depends on how hard you can blow.

Looks like a lot of fun and certainly easy to build. May have to try it myself!

1 reply