Step 3: Tape Trim

Cut 2 inches off of one of the pieces of tape you have.
 The bad thing about making tape or string Magpuls is that the "loop" sometimes may fold in on itself, making it hard to pull from a tactical vest or mag pouch. The real Magpuls can be bought for like $3 and actually are like rubber, so can stay sort of rigid in your mag pouches. But good Instructable with nice pictures.
TO combat the collapsing loop problem on these home made magpuls, get a pipe cleaner, or paper clip, or scrap of wire, and build it into the loop so it is more rigid.
I agree, And I got a new MOLLE vest, which is kinda hard to pull out without magpuls.<br />
I've just made some of these for my G36C, shotgun and M16.......<br>and i have to say they work a treat , ive got a STEYR AUG phantom on the way - should be here tomorow hopefully , will be making one of these for that too - far better than having to buy one , which can be arquad in the UK cause hardly anyone sells them +_+<br>great instructable, very easy to follow!
Hey man, can these work for a sniper rifle where the mag goes completely in the gun? If so, can you tell me how?
I know this kid and hes pretty cool
Finally, an airsoft Instructable that isn't a turd! *cough*guides*cough*<br /> <br />
read my guide? go read it and then see the exception to the rule<br />
Thank you for helping me prove my point.<br />
Oh snap!
You Can't use the kitchen scissors, thos go in the kitchen!
lol hicaps, most airsofters use the real steel version or use a combination of zip tie, paracord and a screwdriver. <br /> <br /> the duct tape version is long gone from use by all but new players, and rarely seen on hicaps for obvious reasons<br />
I got 3 hicaps from when I bought the gun, The guys at the store gave me some free stuff.<br />

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