Picture of Airsoft Melee Fighting
This will teach you how to fight back if sgt. Happy fists throws a right hook to your jaw.
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Step 1: Pistol Attacks

Picture of Pistol Attacks
You want to attack crazies trying beat you up not like they are but coordinated and fast. You can use your pistol to keep them away from you follow the image above.

Step 2: Rifle Defenses

Picture of Rifle Defenses
If Someone grabs your rifle barrel don't waste ammo yet pull back to your ribs with barrel facing enemy then let it rip!

Step 3: Punch!!! And Kick!!!

Jabs work well just face side ways and block face if doing back punches.also kicks work too.

Step 4: See Ya

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Hey dumkaufs notice the word melee. When i airsoft with my friends they charge me all the time you dont kick them like you want to break their shin but in the chest to get the away. Sheesh
HeathSM1 year ago
Yaa why do you people just insult people's creations
ferusfett011 (author) 1 year ago
Oh shut up
milkdud551 year ago
This isent really an instructable (as said before) :(
ilpug1 year ago
This isn't really an Instructable.
i dont understand the purpose of this.
Step 2 is part of weapons retention training for REAL life not airsoft.
If you are playing airsoft then you should shoot/safety kill any enemy that comes up close to you BEFORE they grab your weapon.

In real life, deadly force is not always an option, you will deal with "noncombatants" and that is a technique used to safely regain control of the situation without discharging your weapon and hitting someone else.

Step 3. No one will want to play with you if you start kicking people and punching them in the head.
mayday121 year ago
Do you actually do this stuff? When i play airsoft, we have training knives and don't use hand-to-hand in an attempt not to hurt anyone. Punching and kicking hurts, and if you want physical contact, i would advise using jujitsu. It's a no contact sport, meaning no punches or kicks or jabs. Basically use submissions until they tap out. Otherwise, there could be serious injury...
I think you should get your friends and record a video.
JoMoFroBro1 year ago
Not really Instuctible, just photos from military training guide. Not trying to be hater, just saying.
Ranie-K1 year ago
Are all these pictures someone else's'?